Writing Jobs, November 13, 2020

This week just flew by, didn’t it? Today’s list is a short but good one with online writing jobs open to all locations, a few great Canadian writing jobs (remote and onsite), and a call for submissions for short fiction, creative nonfiction and memoir. Good luck! Now back to writing I go because it’s another... Continue Reading →

Writing Jobs, November 11, 2020

I’m back! Raise your hands if you missed me! *crickets* Sorry for being MIA for a few days. As freelancer writers I’m sure you can understand that my paid work has to come before this labour o’ love of mine. Then there was a fall from a ladder... Anyhoo, on to the writing opportunities! Making... Continue Reading →

Writing Jobs, November 2, 2020

Anyone else up at this-is-bullsh*t o’clock because of the time change? Turns out our three senior dogs don’t understand the time change and quite frankly don’t care as long as they poop and eat when they expect to.*yawns and whimpers* Pour yourself big, steaming cup of coffee and enjoy today’s list of writing jobs. No... Continue Reading →

Writing Jobs, October 29, 2020

I’m on coffee number two on this chilly fall morning and feelin’ extra perky. Hope you’re all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. If not, there’s always coffee or any other legal addictive stimulant that tickles your fancy! Today’s list is a good one with lots of remote online writing jobs open to writers in any location, as... Continue Reading →

Writing jobs,October 27, 2020

I couldn’t find many leads worth sharing yesterday, but am making up for it today with a little something for everyone. Today’s list of writing jobs features online writing jobs for celebrity and entertainment writers, medical and health writers, and more. For my fellow canucks I’ve got a mix of remote and in-house Canadian writing... Continue Reading →

Writing jobs, October 23, 2020

Hope your coffee’s hot and strong on this fine Friday morning. Let’s get right to it with today’s list of writing job leads. Today’s list features several online writing jobs open to all locations, including one that’s especially cool and open to writers aged 60+. There are also remote and in-house Canadian writing jobs. Have... Continue Reading →

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