New Feature: Where I Write

C’mon, admit it – you love to see where other writers write. There’s nothing wrong with wondering where other writers spend their time working their magic! As much as I love perusing the styled images online of perfectly organized writers’ desks and magical writing sheds with everything perfectly in place, there is nothing more interesting to me than the reality of the writing life. The piles of papers and stacks of books, the overflowing garbage bins, and coffee cup rings on dusty desks that sit below rows of colourful Post-It notes; it’s all good. I wonder how many other writers in Canada brave the cold and write in a shed in the backyard like I did at our previous house. I also wonder if other authors’ and copywriters’ desks are as embarrassingly cluttered as mine is these days. Are those people I see sitting in Starbucks on their laptops working on a novel or are they actually surfing porn or shopping for shoes? I wanna know and I’m guessing that you do, too.

Where you write may not be glamorous or terribly stylish; it may even be in your car while you’re waiting to pick up your kids from hockey, but I wanna see it and so do other writers. If you’re interested in sharing or even just snooping through other writers’ workspaces, check out the Where I Write page. You know you wanna 😉

A beautifully styled desktop from Her Creative Studio and a glimpse at my writing desk this week. Shameful, no?

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