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Writing Jobs, November 30, 2017

Another great list today, so pour yourself a coffee and have a browse. You may just findfree stock image writer.jpg your dream writing gig. Already found it? Let me know! Would love to hear from anyone who’s landed a writing job using one of the job leads on my list!

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Remote Writing Jobs / Work from Home Writing Jobs

FREELANCE TECHNICAL SEO WRITERS NEEDED – Telecommute writing jobs: Internet marketing company is looking for talented, technical writers with experience in SEO to join our team. Writers will create original articles based on their own expertise with search engine optimization and/or online research. Writers should have a strong command of SEO including familiarity with Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools, keyword research, and related concepts. Articles will cover topics including: SEO services; Local search marketing; PPC marketing; Technical website audits; Content development and marketing… Read more/apply

BLOGGERS – Work from home writing jobs: We are currently hiring independent writers/bloggers who have experience writing for healthcare companies and/or who understands the addiction treatment field. If you have written articles or have blogged for a healthcare company in the past, we’d love to talk to you! The position is flexible and allows you to work from the comfort of your own home. We value those who have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Qualifications: Experience in writing or blogging for a healthcare company, preferably within the addiction treatment industry. Excellent time-management skills. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Detail-oriented and self-directed. Ability to accept constructive criticism and adapt to company values and language… Read more/apply

CONTENT WRITERS – TipHero – Remote writing jobs: Pays $17 USD an hour. TipHero is looking to add some enthusiastic, motivated writers to the team. Our writers are responsible for taking article concepts and creating engaging, relatable content that will be posted to our website and shared on our various social media outlets. Writers should also be comfortable searching for high quality images to accompany their work. Among the content types our writers should be familiar with are listicles, how-to’s, video posts, recipes and long form articles. Applicants for this position should be self-starters who have excellent writing and proofreading skills, and who have a great sense of TipHero’s writing style… Read more/apply

CELEBRITY/ENTERTAINMENT WRITERS – The List – Remote writing jobs: is looking for enthusiastic, hard-working freelance writers to join our team. We are specifically looking for writers with experience covering entertainment and celebrity topics. The ideal candidate has at least 2 years of writing experience in web publishing with content similar to The List, has solid research skills, and an ability to identify primary sources. Writers will claim feature topics from a large selection of assignments. Once a writer selects an assignment, he/she has two weeks to research, pitch the the structure of the feature, and write the feature. Some time-sensitive assignments must be completed within 2-3 days. This position is work from home with flexible hours… Read more/apply

FREELANCE STUDY GUIDE WRITERS – – Freelance writing jobs: Compensation: $400 – $450. is looking for more writers! We are a study guide and lesson plan service that helps students and teachers better understand literature. Please visit our website for examples of our guides: We are looking for freelance writers who have experience in analyzing literature and want ongoing work. The deadline for completing a study guide is four weeks, but the sooner you turn an assignment in, the sooner we can assign you another… Read more/apply

FREELANCE REMOTE WRITER (Tech and Management) – Unito – Toronto, ON: We are currently looking for freelance writers to write posts for our blog. We would like articles on the following topics: how to get the most out of team collaboration, tool-specific tips, guides to help teams who might not be used to working together, leadership, project management, and team productivity. Do you have experience writing about these topics? Then you may be our perfect fit… Read more/apply

Canadian Writing Jobs (On-site)

WEB CONTENT WRITER – Laroop – Scarborough, ON: Pays $32,000 a year. Laroop is looking for a superstar web content writer to join our growing team. If you’re someone that knows how to put the right words together in a simple easy to digest manner, you’re going to be a great fit. As a web content writer for Laroop, you will be responsible for: Producing high-quality content for our clients; Writing informative blog articles related to our client stores; Writing product descriptions; Writing product collection descriptions… Read more/apply

STAFF WRITER – Investing News Network – Vancouver, BC: We are currently in need of a Staff Writer who can create compelling and informative content for our website. If you think you’d be a good fit, we’d love to hear from you. Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: Planning and creating concise, actionable news articles about company news, market news and more, focusing on small-cap companies; Staying up to date with market dynamics, and industry and company news. You should know when big news happens, and decide whether we need to cover it… Read more/apply

TRENDING NEWS WRITER – – Toronto, ON: Narcity Media is currently looking for an extremely motivated and passionate trending news writer to join our Eastern Canada content team ( The position offers a chance to grow and work with one of Canada’s fastest growing media companies. Candidates considered will be hired on per article freelancing contract and may be considered for a permanent full-time position in the future. Working from home is an option (except for the training period, which is done in our Toronto office)… Read more/apply

WRITER – Narcity/ – Montreal, QC: Narcity Media is currently looking for an extremely motivated and passionate writer to join our revamped editorial team ( The position offers a chance to grow and work with one of Canada’s fastest growing media companies. Candidates considered will be hired on a temporary 1 month contract and will be considered for a permanent full-time position upon completion. What it entails: Creating web stories with a focus on hard and soft news (international, Canadian and local Montreal); Editing, researching, copywriting; Creative brainstorming and title pitching… Read more/apply

DIGITAL TECHNICAL WRITER – H&R Block Canada – Toronto, ON or Calgary, AB: 6 month contract. H&R Block Canada is currently seeking a Digital Technical Writer to join its dynamic Digital Solutions team, to fill a six-month maternity leave. Under the leadership of the Digital Content Lead, the Digital Technical Writer will help shape our tax software and help content to deliver seamless user experiences through text and content delivery. A true collaborator, the candidate selected will interact with team members in a variety of roles, both in-house and remotely, including product managers, developers, knowledge managers, and writers, with no limits on technology and ideas… Read more/apply





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Best Gifts for Writers IMHO

best gifts for writers best gifts for authors writingjobscanada.jpgYes, it’s that time of year when our loved ones are bombarding us requests for our wish lists. Since a cure for cancer and world peace are still, sadly, a ways off, I’ve decided to share my list of my favourite gifts for writers. As much as I love journals and my typewriter-shaped picture frame, there are some gifts that I have found far more useful and exciting over my years as a writer. So, whether you’re a writer looking for ideas for your own wish list or someone trying to figure out what t buy a writer and stumbled on this post after Googling “best gifts for writers”, here are my top 12 picks for the best gifts for writers this holiday season.

1. The Gift of Warm Coffee/Tea/Bourbon – A Mug Warmer – This is my all-time favourite gift and one that has yet to be topped! Any writer who enjoys a hot cuppa’ anything will love this inexpensive, but oh so useful gift. They cost between $9 and $12, are easily found at Wal-Mart and other department and book stores, and online. You can get ones that plug into a regular outlet or a USB port.

2. A Room of One’s Own – Hotel Gift Certificates – A night away from the distractions of home can work wonders for a writer. By giving a writer a gift certificate for a hotel stay, you are giving them the inspiration that comes from a change of scenery and the solitude to focus on their writing. I recommend a gift certificate from a hotel chain so it can be used in any location.

3.  Ceramic Travel Mug Because Plastic Sucks – No, this isn’t an environmental thing, but more a loving-my-coffee-hot-and-in-a-proper-ceramic-container thing. Ceramic travel mugs are inexpensive, pretty, and just make coffee taste better. Look for one with a lid that has a rubber seal so that it’s less likely to spill.

4. Fingerless Gloves / Writing Gloves – Sure, you can splurge on super-cool writing gloves like those sold by literary swag shops (Those sold by Storiarts make me weak in the knees!), but you can also just visit any discount department store or go on Amazon and find a perfectly practical pair fingerless gloves that will serve the same purpose. Though the woolly ones are cozy, I tend to prefer writing gloves made of thinner knit like the ones I found for under $5 on Amazon. They keep your hands and arms warm without the bulk.

5. The Gift of Organization – Chalkboard Wall Decals – I love my chalkboard wall decals! You can find them in different shapes, sizes, and price points. They’re east to apply,  don’t damage walls, and are perfect for keeping track of writing jobs and deadlines, or plotting a novel. A great gift for an author or freelance writer for sure! I have a set of 8 and love them!

6. Virus Protection – Between you and me: I’ve had to visit some pretty sketchy websites for research and when one visits a website of ill repute there’s always the chance they’ll catch something nasty. Great virus protection software is CRUCIAL for any writer, but a freelance writer or new writer just starting out may find it difficult to pay for a good antivirus software. This is one of the best gifts for writers you can buy, even if it’s not all that fun or cool.

7. Book Subscription Box – A writer can never read too much. Reading the works of others is a must for becoming a better writer. Book subscription boxes are all the rage on Instagram and with good reason! Each month you can have a book, along with a few other goodies, delivered to your mailbox. Even better is that there are heaps of themes to choose from so you can find one to warm the cockles of any writer this Christmas! A quick search of “book subscriptions” will give you hundreds to choose from. I personally like CrateJoy because they have different book boxes listed in one place, like boxes for comic book lovers, YA fans, and even coffee and book fiends. Prices vary, too, so you can find something to suit your budget.

8. The Gift of Good Grammar – No one likes a grammar nazi, but a writer will appreciate anything that can make them better at their craft. Help them give good grammar by gifting them a book like The Only Grammar Book You’ll Ever Need or Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing. Feeling generous? Chances are they’re already using the free version of Grammarly, but get them a premium subscription and you’ll likely have them writhing about in ecstasy on Christmas morning.

9. An Old Typewriter – I could seriously go all Tom Hanks on you about the magic of using a typewriter, but I won’t. Instead I will say that while a bit pricey and not nearly as practical for a content writer as for an author, it is one of those gifts that most writers secretly long for. The sound and feel of a vintage typewriter just can’t be beat. I personally have a Remington Rand 17 from 1939. It’s clunky and heavy as shit, but it works great and I love it. I get my ribbons on Amazon. If you want to look at old typewriters but don’t know where to start, Trunks & Travels restores and sells antique, vintage, and mid-century typewriters and supplies on Etsy. They said hello on Instagram so I checked them out and now I can’t stop swooning over their selection. (Helloooo ruby red typewriter!)

10. A Massage Gift Certificate – Whether or not you get a certificate for one of those happy-ending massages from a place with a pink neon sign is your business, but I’m going to suggest a massage by a registered massage therapist instead. An experienced RMT can help with the pain and stiffness that affects a writer’s neck, back and shoulders. Sitting on your ass and being hunched over a keyboard for endless hours is hard work, yo’! And don’t even get me started on the tension headaches from difficult clients and tight deadlines or the stress from unsteady work. Definitely one of the best gifts for writers your money can buy.

11. Ergonomic Chair or Back Rest – Take it from someone who spent years sitting on kitchen chairs or on a lopsided, but super-cute, antique banker’s chair: writing will ruin your back! If it’s in your budget to splurge for an ergonomic chair then do it, but let the writer you’re gifting shop with you so they can try them out. If they already have one in mind, like one of those kneeling chairs or balance ball chairs, browse the selection Amazon because they’ve got them at every price point. Not exactly rolling dough? Then buy them a back rest that can be attached to any chair for extra support.

12. Gift Certificates – Good Ones! – Resist the urge to get them another notebook with a writerly quote on the cover or some other adorable, but useless, writer-themed gift and instead give them a gift card to a store that they can choose something they need. A gift card may seem like a cop-out gift for a writer when there are so many fun, writerly products for sale, but it’ll be much appreciated. Who knows better what the writer needs then the writer, right? Choose a gift card from a retailer that offers everything from office supplies to electronics so they can get something they need or put it towards a big-ticket necessity that they may not be able to afford on their own, like a new computer or printer. My favourites are Amazon and Staples. You can always do a little digging to find out which stores they use, too.

There you have it! Hope my 12 best gift ideas for writers help you this holiday season. if you’re still not sure what to buy a writer in your life and are looking for more ideas, feel free to leave a comment so that other writers can chime in with their favourite gifts for writers.

Happy shopping!

12 Best Gifts for Writers 2017
Salton Mug Warmer, White 2. Hotel Gift Cards 3. Ceramic Travel Mug 4. Fingerless Gloves 5.Chalkboard Wall Decals 6. Anti-Virus Software 7. Book Subscription Box 8. Grammarly
9. Typewriter 10. Massage Gift Certificate 11. Ergonomic Kneeling Chair 12. $25 Gift Card





Disclaimer: Though I have included some affiliate links in this post, this site is still a labour of love and these products have all been chosen by me because I find them useful as a writer; no one is paying me to share these products or my opinion. 


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Writing Jobs, November 29, 2017

Today’s list is sure to help get you over the mid-week slump! Lots of great remote writing writing jobs wednesday imagejobs and some pretty awesome on-site jobs for my fellow Canadian writers, too!

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Remote Writing Jobs / Work from Home Writing Jobs

WRITER – Carbon Costume – Remote writing job: We’re looking for a writer to produce fun and well-written costume guides. Responsibilities include all aspects of creating guides, from devising guides based on items available through online retail, writing descriptions, and making collage graphics to be used in the guides. This is a paid part-time position. Although we prefer someone who is based in Philly, we’re open to a remote arrangement for the right person. We’re looking for applicants with the following qualities: Able to write in a clear and engaging manner; Dependable and good communicator; WordPress or similar content management systems; Photoshop or similar graphic editing programs; Knowledge and passion for pop culture… Read more/apply

LIFESTYLE WRITERS – Elite Daily – Remote writing jobs: Elite Daily is currently seeking part-time writers for its Lifestyle section, available to work three to four days each week during business hours (EST). The LIFE section encompasses a variety of lifestyle content different groups of people can relate to — including strong and unique perspectives on college life/struggles, holiday/seasonal content, identity pieces specific to the writer that a niche group can also relate to (ex. introverts, extroverts, coffee lovers, chronically cold people, girls with short hair, extroverted introverts, quiet over-thinkers, etc.), travel content, study abroad, friendship, family, navigating life throughout your 20s, age-specific content, social media content, bucket lists, etc… Read more/apply

CONTENT WRITER – Hennessey Consulting – Remote writing job: **YOU MUST COMPLETE A NON-PAID WRITING TEST ON A TOPIC OF OUR CHOICE** If you have excellent command of the English language, are a master researcher and evaluator of sources, know the principles of writing for the Web and how to apply them, and are interested in receiving weekly assignments and timely pay, then, you will want to respond to this ad! Our company writes articles designed for websites ranging in topics including, but not limited to: marketing, big business, small business, entrepreneurs, health, women, women’s health, humor, news, technology, women in business, women in technology, current events, politics… Read more/apply

EDITOR – RockYou Media – Remote job: RockYou is looking for motivated Editors who can wear several hats including editor, writer/blogger, social media expert and trending news detective. Our mission is to deliver a spectrum of content that is empowering, unapologetically witty, and positive for a diverse readership, and we do that with the help of a broad team of talented content creators like you. This position is for Editor of our Women’s Lifestyle brand currently in pre-launch. The ideal candidate is someone keeps up with the latest trends in news, beauty, fitness, sex and relationships and who is interesting in giving different voices and perspectives a place to share their stories through written content… Read more/apply

FREELANCE WEDDING WRITER – BrideClick – Freelance writing jobs: BrideClick is looking for freelance writers to create wedding planning content that helps make the planning process more accessible to engaged couples regardless of the budget. Each writer will work with the BrideClick team to brainstorm, research and write content across a range of wedding topics. Desired Skills and Experience: Professional writing experiences; Familiar with Photo editing tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc…); Social Media experience… Read more/apply

FREELANCE MEDICAL WRITER – Guidemark Health – Remote writing job: Guidemark Health in Princeton has an immediate need for an experienced medical writer for our Learning team. ADHD or HIV experience preferred but not mandatory. This is an immediate need and can work remotely. 3 years medical writing experience required… Read more/apply

Canadian Writing Jobs / Editing Jobs

JUNIOR CONTENT WRITER – Zoocasa Realty Inc. – Toronto, ON: Pays $35,000 – $40,000 a year. We are looking for a Content Writer for our Marketing team. The Content Writer will craft a range of content, including website copy, news articles, blog posts and other content to support marketing initiatives. Another major area of responsibility will be getting Zoocasa content featured on external sites and platforms by identifying and reaching out to sites that are complementary and/or relevant to the real estate industry. In addition, the Content Writer will help research or collect data for various campaigns and with other projects as needed… Read more/apply

COPYWRITER & MARKETING STRAEGIST – Roketto – Kelowna, BC: We are looking for an incredible inbound marketer and content writer. The focus of this role will be to grow our clients business’ through the creation, strategic planning, copywriting, distribution and analysis of a variety of different types of content. About You: You are data driven, and comfortable owning the full marketing funnel. You are not only a prolific writer, but also possess a deep understanding of how to create the right type of content for every stage of the Buyer’s Journey… Read more/apply

CREATIVE CONTENT WRITER – RNYCollab – Mississauga, ON: We are looking to hire a Creative Content Writer on behalf of a leading Fortune 500 company in a fast-paced working environment. The ideal candidate will need to be detail-oriented and have excellent interpersonal & communication skills since he/she will be working in a team-based environment. In order to be successful, the candidate should be passionate about writing and must be able to produce work with various writing styles. Content should be clear and concise, as well as creative in order to provide strong work to the client… Read more/apply

CONTENT WRITER – Repair Care Canada – Richmond Hill, ON: Pays $16 – $25 an hour. You are a passionate content writer and strategist. You are responsible for content research, creation & strategy and can confidently communicate. Creating content for a course and for a content writer that is willing to work in long-term on other projects in the future. We’re looking for a star content writer and strategist who wants to be part of an amazing project. This role is based in Richmond Hill and is full time… Read more/apply

ASSOCIATE EDITOR, REPRTS & RANKINGS – Rogers Media – Toronto, ON: The Current Affairs Associate Editor, Reports and Rankings will help shape cross-platform initiatives, working with data, maps, charts and words to find the best ways to present and enrich our digital storytelling. This role requires the candidate to work independently and collaboratively with others. There will be an expectation to provide innovation and entrepreneurship. Although reports and rankings form the core of this editor’s role, contribution to the daily file will also be expected. What you will be doing: Produce innovative one-off data-driven pieces, as well as contribute to larger projects, including the assignment and editing of stories; Extensive collaboration with web team colleagues and newsroom managers, as well as reporters and videographers, to conceive and execute our online strategy; Use web analytics to continuously reshape and grow content… Read more/apply



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Writing Jobs, November 28, 2017

Good morning! Here is today’s list of writing leads, which includes remote (open to typewriter stock photo writing jobs canadaall) and freelance writing jobs, as well as a few on-site writing jobs for Canadian writers.

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Remote Writing Jobs

FREELANCE WRITER – Render Media – Telecommute writing jobs: Are you an eager and dedicated writer who’s passionate about news? Do you know how to write interesting, engaging stories under tight deadlines — without sacrificing accuracy? Can you take a story that’s been covered by other media outlets and make it your own? If so, this position is for you! As one of our news writers, you will write articles for, Render Media’s flagship news property boasting an average of 15 million unique monthly visitors and over 16 million Facebook fans. We’re looking for writers to cover mostly social/viral stories, but also politics, world, health, religion and society… Read more/apply

CONTENT WRITER – Bolton Remote – Remote writing jobs: Bolton’s content vision is to create and share actionable, in depth material that managers and leaders can implement in their jobs. Tactical, practical advice that helps people working in fast growth companies be successful at what they do, especially when it comes to solving the talent/hiring challenges that come with scaling. Content is useful and applicable, and not beginner-level introductory concepts.About You: You love writing, reading non-fiction, and have a passion for writing well researched business articles that are entertaining, creative and easy to read. You come up with ideas with minimal guidance. You are interested in business – especially in the tech startup scene… Read more/apply

FREELANCE WRITERS / REVIEWERS – Wirecutter – Freelance writing jobs: We’re always looking for experienced product reviewers. The ideal candidate will have a nearly unhealthy obsession with figuring out the best products to help our readers, enthusiasm for the necessary hands-on testing, and the ability to clearly explain why they are the best. Given the breadth and depth of our coverage, we’re looking for someone with at least several years of experience covering specific product categories—the more familiar you are with what’s out there, the better. Product areas we need help with include: Networking, smart home, and home automation; PCs and accessories; Art and craft supplies; Maker/DIY tools and projects; Baby gear; Health and fitness; Personal finance… Read more/apply

SLEEP PRODUCT WRITER – – Remote writing job: is looking for an individual with at least 2+ years of web writing and research experience and more specifically sleep product (mattresses, pillows, sheets, bed frames, sleep tech, etc.) to contribute to our sleep portal. This is a remote, contract writing/research position with that pays either hourly or on a project basis – DOE. We have an office in downtown Seattle, WA but the position can be done from anywhere. The ideal candidate can develop amazing and effective content for online audiences… Read more/apply

Canadian Writing Jobs

SENIOR COPYWRITER / EDITOR: Enrollment Resources – Victoria, BC: Enrollment Resources has an exciting permanent opportunity for a Senior Copywriter/Editor to join our growing 20-person team. The Senior Copywriter/Editor is responsible for writing website and landing page copy, email blasts and possibly some blogging. We don’t do a lot of branding/ad agency type work. Instead, we have a direct response orientation. Our clients have specific lead goals we need to meet, so the goal is to inspire an action, not to impart a vague brand perception. The successful candidate understands the difference… Read more/apply

COPYWRITER – Bouclair – Pointe-Claire, QC: Our Marketing team is growing and is seeking new talent for a COPYWRITER position at our Store Support Centre corporate office located in Pointe-Claire. Reporting to the Digital Marketing Manager, the Copywriter develops innovative content (short and long copy) for integrated marketing programs across all brand platforms. Responsibilities: Research, write and produce high quality content web, digital and print communications; Produce meaningful, compelling copy for content marketing projects; Pitch articles, blog publications, social media, video script and landing page stories and subjects; Identify key messages, understand the target audience and communicate accordingly in a powerful way… Read more/apply

WEB CONTENT CREATOR – CityTV – Toronto, ON: The Web Content Creator for City is a team player who will be responsible for bolstering the strength of Canada’s top television brands, including Cityline and Breakfast Television. The successful candidate will be passionate about digital media, conceptualize and execute digital-first videos, in addition to working closely with the broadcast teams to stimulate compelling conversation on all platforms, both traditional and unconventional. What you will be doing: Working with the Supervising Producers and Coordinating Producer, Digital, develop and create digital-first videos to bolster broadcast brands–including Cityline, Breakfast Television, Entertainment City… Read more/apply

DIGITAL COPYWRITER – Aurora, ON: Creative Niche’s recruitment team is working with our client based 40 minutes north of Toronto to find them a talented Digital Copywriter to work onsite. The ideal candidate will have agency experience working on a full range of digital project deliverables. Responsibilities: Attend internal/external meetings for project briefings; Write copy/content on a variety of digital projects; Conceptualize on concepts; Present work and incorporate requested changes. Requirements: 3+ years of experience as a writer in an agency environment; A portfolio featuring a breadth of digital projects; Exceptional communication skills; Work well under pressure and be a team player… Read more/apply



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Writing Jobs, November 27, 2017

Oh boy, it is definitely a two (hundred) cup morning around here today! Hope you’re feelingMonday coffee writing jobs canada a little perkier than I am on this chilly Monday morning.

Here are today’s writing jobs to help you get your week of writing started. Good luck!

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Remote Writing Jobs

FREELANCE WRITERS AND EDITORS – IAPWE: We are currently hiring writers and editors to work for our organization. This position will involve writing and/or editing articles and blog posts on a wide range of topics. The rate of pay for this position is $10 per 100 words (approximately $50 per article) for writers and $3 per 100 words (approximately $15 per article) for editors. Please make sure that you have a PayPal account before applying, since we pay via PayPal… Read more/apply

PART-TIME FREELANCE EDITOR – Janalta – Edmonton, AB: A gardening/growing website is seeking a part-time freelance editor. This is a freelance, remote position. Hours are flexible, but freelancers will be expected to log a consistent number of hours per week. This job will include: Editing and posting content to the website on a regular schedule; Assigning content and maintaining relationships with writers; Working within a content management system; Editing according to the publication’s style guide; Optimizing content for search engines… Read more/apply

FREELANCE WRITERS (City-based) – Culture Trip – Remote writing jobs: We are looking for an experienced freelance writer to produce local content covering a range of genres: travel, food, art, fashion, literature, film, TV, music, architecture, home & design, tech, health & wellness and sports. You will be remotely managed by a Culture Trip Commissioning Editor based in our London office. MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES: Write a large number of snappy, shareable stories (in the following formats: news articles, listicles, short features, visual pieces, profiles, interviews), as set by a Culture Trip Commissioning Editor based in London… Read more/apply

WRITERS – – Work from home writing jobs: We are a technology blog dedicated to providing highly engaging and informative articles to help you get the most out of your everyday tech. We publish articles on various topics covering quick fixes, how-tos, diy, news, reviews, tutorials and more on the use of gadgets, apps, services and everything around these niches. Currently, we are hiring new writers to join our team. We are looking for candidates with technical writing background who have a strong desire and ability to produce 100% original content that informs, inspires and solves everyday technical problem through quality articles… Read more/apply

CONTENT WRITERS – Symmetrical Media Marketing – Remote writing jobs: The position would involve producing blog posts for the SMM blog on topics related to Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEM, B2B Marketing, Blogging, Small Businesses, and Entrepreneurship. This position involves writing informative and compelling blog posts for SMM and will require a thorough understanding of content marketing and social media marketing for small businesses in the B2B industry. We want well-cultured, driven and passionate writers to join our team! The job duties will include brainstorming blog post ideas, creating unique, informative and compelling content in an informative manner that engages readers including short-form catchy articles and editorial style blog posts. We have no formal education requirement, however we do prefer a candidate with blogging and/or social media marketing experience and work samples provided… Read more/apply

Canadian Writing / Editing Jobs

REPORTER / EDITOR – Lac La Biche POST – Lac La Biche, AB: What’s going to be the one thing to bring the news industry back to where it should be? You.You are it. A good writer who cares about informing the reading community is the most important resource for this industry today.… that, and better pay for reporters. Those two things are all that’s needed … Oh, and a savvy and meaningful digital partnership to better reach a wider section of the audience. Those three things will keep communities engaged and informed, and keep good, local news content as a relevant commodity for readers and customers. There’s probably a few other things too — like transportation and distribution workers, excellent press-room staff, designers, administrators, HR staff, and a wide-sweeping resurgence in the need for actual, factual news that is locally-based  … but let’s start with you… Read more/apply

CONTENT WRITER – – Vancouver, BC: You’re an avid reader and writer. You love learning new concepts and you actively seek knowledge to share with everyone. You look forward to exploring a variety of subjects and crafting your own insights around them. You enjoy sharing knowledge through the power of storytelling… Read more/apply

TECH NEWS WRITER – Tech Times – Vancouver, BC: Tech Times is looking for full-time reporters to join our consumer technology news team. The reporter should be curious about the next big thing in consumer tech, have a strong opinion on what’s the best smartphone, love talking about consumer tech trends, and know how to make it interesting for those who are not tech-savvy. The reporter will be writing for a general audience and should be able to write clean, compelling copies very quickly, as well as stay engaged on social media networks… Read more/apply

COPYWRITER – Town Shoes – Toronto, ON: The Copywriter at Town Shoes Limited will be responsible for creating impactful customer marketing communication messaging that is consistent with the voice of our brands – Town Shoes, DSW, The Shoe Company, and Shoe Warehouse. We are looking for someone with exceptional skill that can write advertising copy for email, social, in-store, and online messaging. Develop marketing copy appropriate for a range of media, including but not limited to: advertising and marketing, direct mail, email, web and social media for multiple brands within the organization; Support new and existing creative with necessary copy to complement graphics and video materials… Read more/apply

JUNIOR COPYWRITER – Lombardi Group – Vaughan, ON: Junior Copywriter: The Junior Copywriter position involves writing and reviewing subject lines, email teasers, and various other pieces of ad copy. The person will also conduct competitor research and review open/click/purchase stats to assess copy success, as well as develop new copy ideas for banner ads, adblurbs, subject lines, salesletters, etc. We are looking for someone who has some success and experience working as a copywriter. Experience and knowledge of stocks and financial news is an asset. Important: Please do not apply for this job unless you have a financial background: We are looking for someone that has a strong understanding of stocks and the stock market… Read more/apply

WRITER – BEACON | MindBeacon Software – Toronto, ON: The Writer, Marketing Communications will be responsible for developing communications that will be distributed via digital, traditional and sales channels: Blog articles that will speak to leaders in organizations responsible for the health of people they lead and to potential users of BEACON; Social media posts that engage both B2B and BEACON user audiences; Articles in the voice of our key BEACON innovators that share a thought leadership perspective… Read more/apply



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Writing Jobs, November 24, 2017

Happy Friday! Here is today’s writing jobs list. It’s a short and sweet one today withFall Typerwiter Writing Jobs Canada remote writing jobs and some full-time writing opportunities as well.

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Remote Writing Jobs

SEO COPYWRITER – Irecon Marketing – Remote writing jobs: We are seeking a highly proficient content editor to join our SEO team for 310 Nutrition. This position will involve editing 10-15 SEO articles per day on topics such as meal replacement shakes, weight loss supplements, health and fitness and more. The qualities we are looking for in an ideal candidate include: Expert knowledge of proper grammar, proofreading and AP style; The ability to efficiently edit articles and rewrite parts of them as needed; The ability to write catchy headlines; The ability to deliver clean, compelling articles; Is able to work well with others and take clear direction * Has great organizational skills… Read more/apply

RESUME WRITERS – RiseSmart – Remote writing jobs: RiseSmart is a leading provider of outplacement and career management services. We are seeking experienced resume writers to join our team. RiseSmart’s innovative approach to human capital management has earned the company a wide range of awards and recognition from organizations including Bersin by Deloitte, the Best in Biz, Gartner Inc., the Golden Bridge Awards, Red Herring, the Stevie Awards and TIE. Duties: Writing resumes from scratch with client-provided data; Editing and rewriting existing resumes; Direct interaction with clients as necessary by phone and/or email; Providing resume critiques according to resume best practices… Read more/apply

TRAVEL BLOGGER – is looking for a passionate blogger to create regional travel posts. The position requires a commitment of at least 3 articles per week. We will supply the topic locations weekly. Duties and responsibilities: Create engaging articles and blog content; • Review different travel products.• Work with the editorial team to complete articles by deadlines. QUALIFICATIONS: Skilled writer • Experience publishing blog content (i.e., WordPress)… Read more/apply

MARKETING COPYWRITER – Construction Marketing – Work from home writing jobs: Working from your home office located in the Eastern Time Zone, the Copywriter will develop written content to support the marketing efforts of our construction industry clients. The projects you will work on will include: websites with SEO keywords, sell sheets, company capabilities brochures, press releases, social media content, customer proposals for large construction projects and so much more. This position can evolve into full time role/hours but we are starting this as a part time position… Read more/apply

Canadian Writing Jobs (On-site)

GLOBAL MARKETING COPYWRITER – WSP – Montréal, QC: The Global Marketing Copywriter gets to collaborate with Global Marketing team colleagues on varied and exciting business content, internal news articles and creative campaigns. RESPONSIBILITIES: Work and coordinate with Global sector Heads and the Global Networks team to develop marketing and business content strategies for specific market sector practices; Create content as required for all marketing materials (web content, brochures, multi-media and digital materials, social media, presentations) in collaboration with graphic designers and digital team; Execute on strategies and tactics outlined by the marketing plan, with a strong focus on developing corporate content for the company website, sales collateral (case studies, presentations, brochures, etc.), advertising campaigns, events, and direct marketing initiatives… Read more/apply

MAGAZINE EDITOR – York Media – York, ON: The Editor will be responsible for overseeing the content and quality of our magazine publications and for ensuring that features are topical, interesting and informative. You will plan the features section of the magazine , supervise writers and set deadlines. York Media, a rising Canadian magazine. York Region based, we provide our team with the tools they need to be inspired and create creative content from wherever they feel fit — as we continually strive to improve our reader experience. York Media magazine is seeking a creative and passionate freelance Editor to join our editorial creative team. The Editor is responsible for the leadership role in the creation of print and digital marketing communications to secure the editorial specific to the needs of our readers. This includes researching, editing and managing industry contributors… Read more/apply

WRITER – Northern Ontario School of Medicine – Sudbury, ON: Reporting directly to the Director of Communications, the Writer plays a critical integration role by writing for the School’s website, marketing materials, newsletters, internal communications materials, and other publications. This position is covered by the Term and Conditions of the OPSEU Staff Unit 677 Collective Agreement. Tasks may include, but are not limited to, the following: Collaborating with all internal stakeholders to research content and author original compositions, in both print and digital forms, for NOSM publications (Northern Passages, The Scope, Dean’s Column, Report to Northern Ontario, and NOSM calendar) communication materials, newsletters, brochures, program support materials, website, social media, speaking notes, annual reports, media releases and public service announcements… Read more/apply

TECHNICAL WRITER – OfficeTeam – Calgary, AB: Our well-established Calgary client is currently seeking a Technical Writer to join their dynamic team! As the Technical Writer your day to day responsibilities may include, but not be limited to: technical writing related to process mapping, design and narrative; all processes need to be document; documenting and assisting with new implementations. Apply your 7+ years of previous experience to this role! As the Technical Writer you must have exceptional attention to detail, communication and organizational skills. Additionally, you will have an extensive technical writing background with success in: properly documenting information to present, gathering and fact finding and building your own process… Read more/apply