Any Music Writers Out There?


I came across a job posting for a remote Managing Editor for Rawckus Magazine and thought some of my music-loving readers might be interested.

Here is the job posting as it appears on SF Craigslist:

Seeking Managing Editor for Music Magazine. (Remote)

Rawckus Magazine supports and empowers the artists and musicians who have the courage to follow their passion. We do this with reviews, profiles, interviews, features, and other articles covering both well-known acts and singers and bands bubbling under the mainstream.

The right candidate should have a passion for music, talent with the written word, a basic, if not advanced knowledge of SEO and the ability to post and navigate a WordPress website. We work with managers, artists, public relations companies and record labels in addition to co-branding sponsors.

We are looking for these skills.

Please be able to:

  • Write a music article.
  • Edit a music article.
  • Develop keyword articles with writing staff.
  • Navigate the back end of a WordPress website.
  • Post WordPress articles.
  • Optimize photos using Photoshop.
  • Use SEO tools such as SEMRush.
  • Use and understand Google Analytics.
  • Post social media content via Buffer and Hootsuite.

A Sales and Marketing background and/or knowledge and is especially helpful. Please look at the site and write an appropriate e-mail. If shortlisted we test the applicants on the above skills. Apply via the original posting here.

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