7 Cool Stocking Stuffers for Writers

stocking stock photo writing jobs canadaWe are just a week away from Christmas and the desperate hunt for last minute gifts and stocking stuffers is in full swing. I shared my favourite gifts for writers a couple of weeks back and today I am sharing some fun stocking stuffer ideas for writers. Unlike my list of the best gifts for writers that included items that any writer would find useful, my stocking stuffers list is all about whimsy and fun. Yes, these are the kinds of neat little gifts that even a non-writer will be excited to give. So, let’s get on ‘er, shall we?

7 Stocking Stuffers for Writers and Authors

1. Literary Action Figures

Who needs a Star Wars action figure when you can have a movable Edgar Allen Poe action figure instead? Accoutrements makes literary action figures that will leave you or the writer in your life squealing like a kid on Christmas morning. Think Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and my personal favourite, Charles Dickens!

2. Dead Fred Pen Holder

You know those days when you top off your coffee with brandy because stabbing someone with your pen is frowned on? The Dead Fred Pen Holder was made for these days. Fred’s made of silicone and perfect for taking out your frustrations on. You get to stab him over and over again with your pen without the fear of jail time. Merry Christmas indeed.

3. Writerly Jewelry

Quotation Cufflinks, Vintage Typewriter Key Necklaces, and Grammar Bracelets are just a few of many fun and insanely affordable jewelry gifts for writers you can find online. Bonus: Most are well under $10!

4. A Cool Writers Mug

There are so many cool writers’ mugs that you’ll probably have trouble narrowing it down, so I’m doing it for you beginning with my current favourite. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea (tee hee!), but it’s to-the-point and I love it because regardless of the type of writer you’re giving it to, writing epic shit is always the goal.

5. AquaNotes Waterproof Notepad

Yeah, this Waterproof Notepad has been included on pretty much every top 10 best gifts for writers’ list out there, but it really is a great gift idea. We really do often come up with ideas while showering or relaxing in the tub so being able to jot them down the moment we have them is helpful.

6. Literary T-Shirts

You can find a literary T-shirt in just about every colour and size with quotes to tickle the fancy of any writer and this is just a sampling.

7. A Leather Bound Journal

There’s just something about a leather journal that can send almost any writer’s heart aflutter. I personally love those that look weathered and rustic, but as you can see here, there are styles to suit any taste.

Happy shopping!

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