Writing Jobs, January 23, 2018

It’s another dreary morning here, but my coffee’s hot and there are writing opportunitiesNordic writingjobscanada.ca aplenty, so I can’t complain.

Today’s list is a meaty one with lots of remote / freelance writing jobs and a couple of well-paying calls for submissions for EatingWell Magazine and Boys’ Life.

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Remote Writing Jobs (Work from Home Writing Jobs)

CONTENT WRITERS – Our Family World – Remote content writing jobs: OurFamilyWorld media is expanding and we are looking for Content writers to add to our talented team The ideal candidate(s) must have the following qualifications: Experience in ONLINE writing; Excellent English; Writing experience in at LEAST one of the following topics:; Parenting; Lifestyle: Travel, Food, Living, Money; Dogs; Cats; Wedding; TV shows and movies… Read more/apply

FREELANCE WRITER – the girl side – Freelance writing jobs: We are looking for two freelance writers (1 for the girl side & the guy side each). Freelance Writers will be responsible for 2 articles a week. A Bi-weekly phone/ Skype meeting is mandatory, to discuss future and current articles. Each article is around 350 words, for which you’ll receive 10 cents a word. Required experience: Writing 1 year. Required language: English… Read more/apply

FREELANCE COPYWRITERS – WebpageFX – Freelance writing jobs from home: WebpageFX is seeking talented outside freelance writing professionals to write quality content and meet deadlines. This position is an excellent opportunity for versatile creative writers. If your writing and working styles meet our needs, we can provide a consistent stream of interesting assignments. If you’re seeking a long-term freelance partnership, we’d love to hear from you. Assignments may range from blog posts to sales copy to longer, informative guides. Rates vary based on content type, word count, the amount of research required, etc. Freelance positions offer flexible schedules, rates, and projects and are work from home… Read more/apply

CONTENT WRITERS – MVFGlobal – Remote writing jobs: This post is open to candidates in any parts of the world who has a proven track record of producing high quality content in the technology sector. Ideally – you will have experience with DIY website builders (such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Shopify). Your content will be geared towards small business owners who are building their website for the first time, as well as those who are experienced in website building but looking for innovative ways to enhance their website performance that will bring a positive impact on their business. We are looking for freelance writers who can work with us in a long run. If you deliver the quality, we guarantee your ongoing work. If you think you fit the role description above, please apply with your current CV, cover letter and sample works… Read more/apply

ASSIGNMENT EDITOR / WRITER – NetworkNewsWire – Remote writing jobs: We can provide 20 hours of steady work every week (and expected to increase – likely full-time when our marketing director has her baby in March or we can always hire a 2nd part-time individual if full-time isn’t desired). This is a great opportunity to work with publicly traded companies in a wide variety of industries. For this telecommute position we need a self-driven, team player with great communication skills to effectively interact via email and Skype. Primary Responsibilities: Ensure deadlines are being met by team; Capable of managing an editorial calendar; Contextual editing and thorough copy editing support; Enhancing press releases (more than correcting errors); Writing articles on clients weekly; Multi-page company overviews periodically… Read more/apply

NET ADMIN WRITERS – Comparitech – Remote online writing jobs: Are you a talented writer with a genuine interest in and experience with network admin? If so, you could be just the sort of person we are looking for to join our exciting team at Comparitech.com, a fast growing consumer and small business advice site providing information and reviews around information security, privacy, and net admin tools. We are currently seeking new team members to write in-depth features and how-to guides/tutorials covering network admin tools. Requirements: Previous online blogging or writing experience. You must be able to write a  minimum of 2 posts per week; Come up with some of your own content ideas in addition to our assignments. Your broad IT background will allow you to see links between topics that may deepen our readers experience on the site… Read more/apply

WRITING LAB COORDINATOR – Brainfuse – Work from home writing jobs: Brainfuse (www.brainfuse.com) is a nationally recognized eLearning corporation. Founded in 1999, Brainfuse is one of the nation’s leading online education providers, serving a diverse client base of libraries, school districts, workforce centers, and universities. Position Pay: $17/hour. Primary Functions: Review college and graduate level papers across a variety of styles; Review job seeker written material, including cover letters and resumes; Review previously completed reviews to ensure client expectations maintained; Provide feedback to writing lab tutors regarding completed reviews; Assist in day-to-day coordination in writing submission assignments, as necessary; Other duties as assigned… Read more/apply

FREELANCE WRITERS AND EDITORS – IAPWE – Freelance writing jobs online: We are currently hiring writers and editors to work for our organization. This position will involve writing and/or editing articles and blog posts on a wide range of topics. The rate of pay for this position is $10 per 100 words (approximately $50 per article) for writers and $3 per 100 words (approximately $15 per article) for editors. Please make sure that you have a PayPal account before applying, since we pay via PayPal… Read more/apply

SENIOR WRITER – B.Yond – Remote writing jobs in Canada: Curious, creative and ready to go B.Yond? We are seeking a gifted wordsmith with proven experience in technical writing, and who also has the adaptability to create compelling content in support of our product marketing and demand generation functions. Location preferences:  Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Los Angeles.  Remote work from other locations is also a possibility. The primary responsibilities: Product documentation – User guides, installation guides, operational guides; Release documentation – Release notes, maintenance bulletins, etc.; RFI/RFP/RFQ responses… Read more/apply

Canadian Writing Jobs (On-site Writing Jobs in Canada)

CONTENT / STAFF WRITER – Bellwood Health Services Inc. – Toronto, ON: Bellwood Health Services site, a nationally recognized and accredited Addiction Treatment Centre, with over 30-years of serving Canadians from across the country is looking for a candidate to join a seasoned, multi-disciplinary team that is focused on quality care, by using best practice treatment, teamwork and respect.  Bellwood is currently looking to hire a PT Writer to work 20-hours per week. Duties & Responsibilities: Develop, research and write content for a variety of communications platforms such as web and social media friendly content that is insightful, inclusive and straight-forward; Creating strategic communication plans that focus on engagement and brand… Read more/apply

CONTENT WRITER – CityBlast – Toronto, ON: Pays $36,000 a year. Do you enjoy creating successful social media campaigns? We’re looking for a creative, professional writer to find great content to post for clients on their social media and grow their business using the latest marketing trends. Responsibilities and Duties: Finding relevant content to post for clients; Doing quality checks to make sure content meets client’s demands; Writing quick and catch captions on posts to encourage engagement… Read more/apply

SMART HOME CONTENT WRITER – Hub6 Inc. – Toronto, ON: This role requires the candidate to be passionate about technology. Desired Candidate Profile: Highly creative; Excellent English communication skills; Must have experience in writing technology/smart home related topics; Must be creative in writing and have a clear direct approach to delivering information to the intended clientele; Produce material that is easy to digest but also informative and fun to read; Be able to understand and adapt writing to match our services and products within the smart home industry. Please include a list of your work related to smart home… Read more/apply

RFP WRITER – Bonfire – Kitchener, ON: We’re looking for an experienced RFP Writer to join our Marketing team led by Andrew Baskerville, Marketing Manager. As an RFP Writer, you would manage our RFP response process, and build out a content library to leverage as we continue to scale. Working closely with our Account Executives, as well as cross-functionally to coordinate resources, knowledge management and Subject Matter Experts from other departments, your responsibility is to respond timely and accurately to RFPs. Not only do you have superior writing skills, but you’re able to act as a Project Manager and coordinate various stakeholders, multiple priorities, and work to strict deadlines. This is a brand new role at Bonfire which gives you the opportunity to carve your own path and lay the foundation for how Bonfire responds to RFP’s and refine Bonfire’s voice for RFP responses… Read more/apply

PART-TIME IN-MEMORIUM WRITER – Blackburn Radio Inc. – Wingham, ON: Blackburn Radio Inc. is accepting resumes for our In-Memoriam writer at our Wingham branch. Your main objectives will be to: Write obituaries; Contact funeral homes to verify pronunciations; Communicate with on air announcer; Post to website; Write daily farm market auction information; Enter billing information; Writing experience and voice work is an asset to this position… Read more/apply

Calls for Submissions

EatingWell Magazine – EatingWell is the only national food magazine that focuses eating well magazine writing jobs canadaexclusively on eating healthfully (our motto: “Where Good Taste Meets Good Health”). We are the preeminent magazine resource for people who want to enjoy food that is delicious and good for them.

Our readers are interested not only in cooking and nutrition science, but also in the origins of food and social issues related to food networks. They appreciate eating culture and traditions. They are well-read and discriminating—yet they don’t take themselves too seriously.

EatingWell’s “voice” is journalistic and authoritative; it speaks to both men and women. We cover nutrition with a newsy, science-based approach. Our recipes emphasize high-quality healthful ingredients, simple preparations and full flavor.

Publication frequency: Bimonthly
Circulation: 850,000 (as of the July/August 2014 issue)

We welcome ideas from new writers. If you haven’t worked with us before, it’s best to start off pitching front-of-book ideas, even if you’re an established writer. Consider it an audition for a longer piece.

Please familiarize yourself with EatingWell and our departments. It’s difficult for us to contract with someone to write a story—no matter how brilliant the idea is—if it doesn’t fit into a specific department in the magazine. Send us ideas for specific sections in the magazine (e.g., Fresh).

You increase your chance of scoring an assignment with us if you 1) develop your pitch following the format for past columns, and 2) explain why the proposed topic should be covered in a specific issue. Example: “I think that the trend of ‘X’ would make a great piece for the Fresh section of the September/October issue because ‘X’ million of Americans say they do ‘X’ every fall.”


EatingWell prefers pitches via e-mail. Our staff is small, so it may take up to a month to get a response from an editor. If after a couple of weeks you don’t hear from us, we welcome a friendly follow-up e-mail. Describe your idea in two to three paragraphs. Be sure to explain “why now” and tell us where the story fits into the magazine. Share a bit (just a few sentences will do) about your experience: What other publications do you write for? What story topics interest you most? Please do not attach clips (we’ll request them if we want them); rather, sell us with great writing in your pitch. Even if your idea doesn’t “hit,” if your pitch is well-packaged (specifically for EatingWell) and written in a compelling way, we’ll be impressed—and likely to keep you in mind for future assignments.

Lead time: 3 to 6 months
Pay rate: up to $1/word
Rights purchased: All rights (including Web rights)


In this front-of-book section, we feature seasonal picks and the latest trends in food and health (think: food policy, sustainable agriculture, wacky healthy new eating practices, etc.). While some of the Fresh section’s regular elements are written in-house or by regular contributors, much of the section is open to freelancers. Items generally range from 150 to 350 words. This is a section in which we like to try out new writers. Writers interested in contributing to the Fresh section should have a strong background in science, health and/or food reporting.

FRESH Food: These pages are dedicated to celebrating food. Could be a restaurant, a farm find, a seasonal food, a great farmers’ market or something trendy in the food/drink market. Sustainable agriculture and food origins pieces could fit into this section.

We’ll occasionally run something like “Local Hero in the News,” highlighting an individual (or group) who has a timely or newsy event or movement that promotes values of sustainable agriculture, food justice, nutrition education, food safety, environmental consciousness, animal welfare (as it relates to food) and/or healthful eating practices in his or her (or their) local community. Tell us about the results: What has this person/group accomplished? Who have they helped? What makes them unique?

FRESH Life: Here we will be getting more into how food and eating intersect with lifestyle, such as travel, beauty, books (not diet or cookbooks) and gifts.

FRESH Thinking: This page covers several facets of one current food-related issue, controversy or movement.

FRESH Health: Health and nutrition studies appear here. It can be multiple small stories or one page exploring various elements on one topic.

If something has appeared in a major news outlet or a food- or health-related news wire, we’ve seen the story, so please don’t pass the headline along without giving it a “Fresh” spin: What’s the angle for EatingWell? Why should we cover it now? (Or rather, in four to five months—which is our usual lead time.) Ask yourself: Could this work just as well in another food magazine? If the answer is yes, hone your pitch further, keeping EatingWell’s motto (“Where Good Taste Meets Good Health”) in mind.

We aim to highlight a new study that’s also timely. (For example, in February we might cover a new heart study since it’s American Heart Month or in the summer we might cover a study on hydration)

FRESH Fix: This is one page devoted to how to solve health conditions with food. Past examples: mood; allergies; cholesterol.

Contact: Associate Nutrition Editor, Julia Westbrook, Julia.Westbrook@eatingwell.com


Most of our recipes are developed in-house or are contracted out to regular contributors who are well-established cooks and food writers. If you have a strong background in writing about food and developing recipes for national publications, we invite you to introduce yourself.

Contact: Food Editor Jim Romanoff, Jim.Romanoff@eatingwell.com


Food/Culture-based Travel Stories
When it comes to feature stories (including those with a travel component), EatingWell prefers to work with writers whose work we know. We invite established writers who have a strong portfolio of clips from major publications and travel stories that might appeal to our readers (think: healthful eating, food origins) to introduce themselves.

To read the full submission guidelines, go to: http://www.eatingwell.com/writers_guidelines/


BOYS’ LIFE  Magazine – BOYS’ LIFE is a general-interest, four-color monthly, circulation boys life magazine writing jobs canada1 million, published by the Boy Scouts of America since 1911. We buy all rights for original, unpublished material.

NONFICTION. Major articles run 500 to 1,500 words; payment is $500 to $1,500. Subject matter is broad. We cover everything from professional sports to American history to how to pack a canoe.

A look at a current list of the BSA’s more than 100 merit badge pamphlets gives an idea of the wide range of subjects possible. Even better, look at a year’s worth of recent issues.

Find the magazine in libraries and in BSA council offices, or look for the digital edition in your app store. Query Managing Editor Paula Murphey.

Departments run up to 600 words; payment is $100 to $600. Department headings are science, nature, earth, health, sports, space and aviation, cars, computers, entertainment, pets, history, music — and others. Each issue uses seven departments, on average. We also have back-of-the-book how-to features. Query Associate Editor Clay Swartz.

FICTION. Our short stories are assignment-only. Please do not query or send manuscripts.

STYLE. All articles for BOYS’ LIFE must interest and entertain boys ages 6 to 17. Write for a boy you know who is 12. Our readers demand crisp, punchy writing in relatively short, straightforward sentences. The editors demand well-reported articles that demonstrate high standards of journalism. We follow The Associated Press Stylebook.

We receive approximately 40 queries and unsolicited nonfiction manuscripts per week. Because of our high standards, all of our articles are commissioned; thus, unsolicited nonfiction manuscripts rarely are appropriate for publication and regrettably must be returned unread.

Please query by mail (with SASE), not by email or phone.

To read full submission guidelines, go to: https://media.scouting.org/boyslife/about/contributors/writers.pdf



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