Writing Jobs, January 24, 2018

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and see what opportunities await on today’s list of writingcoffee phone cozy writingjobscanada.ca job leads. I’ve got a mix of freelance and full-time writing jobs, as well as a couple of calls for submissions.

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Remote Writing Jobs (Work-from-Home Writing Jobs)

FITNESS WRITERS – POPSUGAR Voices – Remote writing jobs: POPSUGAR Voices is hiring! We’re currently looking for remote, part-time writers who can produce healthy living content with a quick turnaround for our Fitness vertical. If you’re obsessed with writing about trending topics and all things wellness; have a flexible schedule with evening availability; and can turn around clean, witty, clickable copy on a tight deadline, drop us a line! We’re particularly interested in writers who have experiences in these areas: Personal fitness experiences (weight loss, weight gain, body positivity); Reviews of popular diets, workouts, or weight loss programs; CBD/cannabis content and recipes; Doctors or health experts (therapists, GPs, gynecologists, etc.); Original workouts/challenges; Healthy living tips for anxiety, depression… Read more/apply

Freelance Writers Needed – SLS Consulting, Inc. – Freelance writing jobs:  We are an Internet marketing firm that works exclusively with law firms across the country, and we need YOU to help us produce awesome articles that people want to read! We oversee all aspects of our client digital marketing campaigns, including website design, white-hat SEO, and (of course) content creation. Our goal is to provide our clients with interesting, well-written content that not only grabs the reader’s attention, but also encourages them to keep coming back for more. About You: You are a freelance writer who enjoys research and being creative. Seeing that you’ll be writing on a variety of topics all related to the law – specifically personal injury, criminal defense, family law, and medical malpractice – the ability to research is not only extremely important, but it’s a requirement. We’ll provide you with prompts and as much direction as possible, but it’s up to you to string together the words and turn otherwise dry legal jargon into easy to understand articles that your average person will enjoy reading… Read more/apply

CONTENT WRITERS (HEALTH) – NatureWise – Freelance writing jobs: NatureWise is a fast-growing healthy lifestyle brand dedicated to promoting wellness from the inside out. We make natural health supplements and energy drinks designed to support your well-being and inspire your best life. We are seeking professional freelance content writers with experience in the natural health space to help us develop our content marketing. Our goal is to educate, engage, and inspire our readers about what it means to live a naturally healthy and happy lifestyle, while developing the NatureWise brand as an authoritative voice in the natural health space. This will start with building out our blog, but may later include longer articles, ebooks, or email marketing. Ideally, we would like to form long-term relationships with a handful of pro writers who resonate with our brand values and have a good grasp of our brand voice… Read more/apply

BEAUTY WRITERS – POPSUGAR Voices – Remote writing jobs: POPSUGAR Voices is hiring! We’re currently looking for remote, part-time writers who can produce content with a quick turnaround for our Beauty vertical. If you’re obsessed with writing about trending topics and all things beauty; have a flexible schedule ; and can turn around clean, witty, clickable copy on a tight deadline, drop us a line! We’re particularly interested in writers who have experiences in these areas: Beauty experts to review products; Body positive personal stories (stretch marks, birthmarks, etc.); Men who are passionate about beauty; Personal beauty experiments… Read more/apply

FREELANCE WRITERS – Insider.com – Freelance writing jobs: We’re looking for freelancers to cover a variety of topics for INSIDER. We do take pitches, but what we’re really focusing on is building a network of reliable and talented freelancers who get what our readers want to see and are willing to take on some story ideas that we’d send your way. You can take on as many or as few ideas as you’d like pending final assignment and approval. Topics can range from travel, to health, to food to fitness, and everything in between. We publish everything from small breaking news posts to slideshows. Everything that makes life an adventure can find a home on INSIDER. At INSIDER, our motto is “Life is an adventure.” We tell stories for, about, and by people who seize life. That means they love to travel, try new foods, listen new music, and fight for what’s right — and they admire people who do the same… Read more/apply

Canadian Writing Jobs (On-site Writing Jobs in Canada)

SENIOR EDITOR – United Way – Toronto, ON: BASIC FUNCTION: To provide editorial oversight and content strategy for individual and corporate segments, as well as multiple mass channels, to create dynamic, on-brand, audience-focused content. MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES: Develop and manage rolling two-year marketing communications plans for individual or corporate donor segments, working with segment leads and other functional experts across multiple departments; Provide editorial oversight and active management and execution of original, attention-grabbing content that is easy-to-read and emotionally rich, bringing the United Way brand to life for target audiences in multiple channels while meeting the strategic objectives of the content marketing strategy; Contribute to the cross-organizational editorial team—and content sprint teams, as required—as segment content experts and guide the sourcing and pitching of story ideas that meet the needs of your segment… Read more/apply

BLOG STRATEGIST / WRITER – Artifakt Digital – Toronto, ON: We’re currently looking for a Blog Strategist/Writer to join our team on a full-time basis. Here’s what we think the perfect person will have: Have well-established, working experience writing and researching all kinds of digital content, including short blog posts and longer, more well-researched blog posts. Have well-established experience strategizing engaging blog topics; Have a good, working understanding of general SEO guidelines and understanding of how to write effectively using keywords/keyphrases; Have the ability to strategize blog topics related to real estate, the real estate market, and the local community; Have the ability to write concise and truly convincing web-specific copy… Read more/apply

IN-HOUSE CONTENT WRITER – Hive Media Group  – London, ON: Our content writers create articles, narrative stories, quizzes, and slideshows at a breakneck pace. Writing, photo sourcing, fact-checking, and editing are all done in-house. Our editors help polish pieces before publication while providing consistency as we publish hundreds of articles each month. We believe in a strong collaborative workplace. You Will: Delight millions with engaging and addicting stories, slideshows and quizzes; Write original posts on everything from parenting & pop culture to politics, sports, and everything in between; Revise published articles & add length to popular posts; Analyze trends and pitch new topics; Move quickly to compete with other a viral marketplace that is always innovating and finding new content types.; Communicate issues with other content creators and seek collaborative resolutions; Conquer new tools and mediums with gusto… Read more/apply

WRITER – MTLBlog.com / Narcity Media – Montreal, QC: Narcity Media is currently looking for an extremely motivated and passionate writer to join our revamped MTLBlog.com editorial team (https://www.mtlblog.com). The position offers a chance to grow and work with one of Canada’s fastest growing media companies. Candidates considered will be hired on a temporary 1 month contract and will be considered for a permanent full-time position upon completion. What it entails: Creating web stories with a focus on hard and soft news (international, Canadian and local Montreal); Editing, researching, copywriting; Creative brainstorming and title pitching; Fact-checking and content revision with your colleagues; Responding and engaging with readers on our social media channels (mainly Facebook and Twitter); Representing the MTL Blog brand offline and online… Read more/apply

Calls for Submissions

The Culture Crush  – Are you working on a piece examining what happens to theThe Culture Crush writingjobscanada.ca identity of an industrial town when the factory closes, or, even better yet, what the factory is becoming? Writing an essay based on interviews with “Flat Earthers” or UFO abductees in order to understand how communities form around secret knowledge and conspiracies? Or perhaps you are just working on a local story that has widespread cultural and social implications?

In any case, good news! The Culture Crush is taking submissions and pitches for both its digital and print publications and would love to work with you. So if you are working on an article, photo essay, short film, or even political cartoon that looks at culture and our society through a unique, interesting, and empathetic yet critical lens, email us with a short bio at: submissions@theculturecrush.com. The preferred length of written work is less than 3,500 words and videos under 5 minutes, links only please.

Full submission guidelines at: http://www.theculturecrush.com/submissions/


LONGREADS – If You’ve Published a Story and Would Like Us to Consider It for anLongreads writingjobscanada.ca Editor’s Pick

To submit an already published story for Editor’s Picks consideration, share a story link with @Longreads on Twitter, or share the story using the #longreads tag. If you don’t use Twitter, you can send story links to hello@longreads.com.

* * *

If You’d Like to Pitch Us an Original Story for Publication

Longreads is currently accepting pitches for original work. We pay competitive rates. Please note that we’re not accepting any fiction at this time.

Blog posts / Reading lists / Short interviews

These posts go beyond curation to engage with longform essays and journalism published online. The idea here is to either take an item or discussion in the news—or a recently published piece of longform journalism that is being discussed online—and thread together a post that may lead the reader to other great longreads they may not have known about. Reading lists are a simple way to do this, but we’re more interested in posts that do this with a strong voice. This could also involve an annotation or argument that walks the reader through an essay or long feature. These posts are $250 for 800 to 1,000 words. We would also be interested in ideas for recurring or weekly posts.

Contacts: Michelle LegroKrista Stevens, and Michelle Weber

Personal essays / Reported and researched essays

These kinds of essays have been the heart of Longreads for the past several years, and they are thoughtfully written and engaging, often dealing with topics in the news from a personal angle or a historic one. This is the place you can be a bit experimental with your writing or research, ideas-based essays are particularly welcome here. These are generally between 2,000-3,000 words, but could be longer.

Base payment is $500, but this rate is determined by the research and length of your proposal. And yes, reported essays can shift into features territory—there’s no hard and fast cutoff here. Think Harper’s or The Believer for the tone and substance. Get in touch with Michelle Legro for this kind of piece, even if you just have the inkling of an idea.

For personal essays that don’t emphasize reporting, send completed essays for consideration, not pitches, to essays editor Sari Botton. Put the word “Essay” in the subject line, and include a brief, succinct synopsis of the piece, plus a bit about yourself, your writing history, and your personal connection to the subject matter. Personal essays should tell a true story. Where necessary, there can be some journalistic reporting, but the main focus for these pieces is a personal narrative. Before you pitch, read our guide to pitching personal essays.

Features / Long-form Journalism / Investigative Projects

Ideas for long-form features take a considerable amount of time and research to develop. These stories can involve multiple reporting trips, sources, and in-depth research. Although they don’t necessarily need to deal with current events, they should have an excellent sense of story and purpose and be able to hold a reader’s attention with a compelling premise. Features are generally between 3,000 and 6,000 words, but can be longer or broken up into a series depending on length and subject matter.

Longreads features are rigorously edited and fact-checked. We are also interested in collaborating with artists and photographers on stories, and would be open to working with any partners you have in mind. We are especially interested in investigative stories and would love to work with experienced reporters and provide them with the great amount of time and resources required of such projects. Our year-end series highlighting the best journalism across a range of categories may give you some insight into the kind of work we’d love to produce. Tell us what makes your story incredible and urgent, why you have the goods to write it, and why Longreads is the place to tell it.

We pay competitive rates for features depending on the degree of reporting required and the complication of your proposal. We will work with you to pay you a solid fee and also cover expenses. Send your pitches for reported features and investigative projects to Mike Dang. Pitches for features can also be sent to Michelle Legro and Krista Stevens.

Publisher Collaboration

Longreads has collaborated with niche websites and magazines for the past several years to help fund projects and disseminate them to a wider audience. (Collaborators have included Atlas Obscura, Racquet, Kill Screen, This Land Press, and Food & Wine magazine.) If you work for a website or publication and want to collaborate on a project, please get in touch. Longreads can offer monetary and editorial support to projects that could otherwise not get done. Email editor-in-chief Mike Dang for more info.

Full submission guidelines are available at: https://longreads.com/submissions/


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