The Writer’s Glove – My Review

Isn’t the internet grand? You search something along the lines of “writing gloves” or thin_warm_gloves_for_typing_cold_fingers_hands“gloves for writers” on Google or Amazon and then just like magic, ads for similar items start to appear on your blog or Facebook page. This is how I came across The Writer’s Glove on one particularly cold day of writing when my go-to fingerless gloves just weren’t cutting it and I was spending more time heating up my fingers over the steam rising from my coffee than actually writing.

On first glance I found The Writer’s Glove to be impractical simply because they’re full gloves and I’ve always liked skin-to-key contact when writing. Then there was the issue of aesthetics. Some might think they look sleek and stylish. Like normal people. I, on the other hand, thought they looked a little creepy and murdery. Yeah, I know murdery is not a real word, but it really was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the ad.

the writers glove 1I was skeptical of their fit and comfort and convinced that I’d hate them, so naturally I got in touch with the people at The Writer’s Glove and asked for a pair to review. Ben was kind enough to send out a pair right away for me to try and not a moment too soon given the extreme cold and snow we’ve been getting in my neck of the woods.

Well, they finally arrived and it looks like I was wrong, at least about some things, mainly that I don’t hate them.

They are actually very comfortable and I had no issues using them on my phone or tabletthe writers glove 2 touchscreens. They’re thin and feel nice against the skin, and had I measured properly and ordered the right size, I’m pretty sure they’d be non-intrusive and quite practical for long hours of typing. If only I’d believed that my chubby, Vienna sausage-like digits would’ve actually fit in the size Extra Small as per the size chart and not ordered up a size. Damn me and my hand dysmorphic disorder. (Not a real disorder, but totally could be)

Turns out The Writer’s Glove is as good as they say and a worthy investment for a writer or someone looking for a gift idea for the writer in their life.

I stand behind my opinion on their appearance, though. They really do look murdery, but that’s not such a bad thing, especially if you’re a crime / mystery / horror / thriller writer.  writing jobs canada writing gloves

See? Totally murdery.

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