Writing Jobs, March 06, 2018

G’mornin’! Here’s another list of paid writing opportunities to enjoy while you have yourcoffee red nails writingjobscanada morning coffee.  There are lots of freelance / work-from-home writing jobs for writers anywhere, along with calls for submissions, and great Canadian writing jobs for my fellow Canucks. I’ve also included some freelance writing jobs for beginners in this post.

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Remote Writing Jobs (Work-From-Home / Online Writing Jobs

WEB WRITER – JustAnswer is looking to hire an experienced and flexible writer to create content and drive traffic to their site. This is a remote writing job with the opportunity to work 40+ hours per week on a flexible schedule. Pay is $16 to $19 hourly. You must have a degree in a relevant field or commensurate experience and a proven track record of stellar writing and editing. Read more/apply

SCIENCE WRITERS – Science Buzz is looking for writers with subject matter expertise in Earth Science, Biology, Astronomy, Physics, and other scientific domains, to write 800-2000 word articles. Pay is $150 USD per article. These are remote writing jobs for writers who can take complex information and make it accessible. You should also have an understanding of the elements of producing viral content. Read more/apply

REVIEW WRITERS – Authority, one of the leading reviews publishing company, is hiring writers to write 3,000 word articles that rank the best products and companies by category. Each article is 3,000 words. Pay is $150 USD per article. You must have experience writing research-backed articles. Read more/apply

MARKETING CONTENT WRITER – AuthorityHacker is looking to fill a full-time online writing job. You must have a strong understanding of marketing concepts and tools, AP Style, and the ability to learn and write about technical topics. This is a flexible work-from-home writing job for an experienced writer who is able to meet deadlines. Read more/apply

FREELANCE WRITERS AND EDITORS – The IAPWE (International Association of Professional Writers & Editors) is hiring writers and editors to write and edit articles and blog posts on a variety of topics. Pay is $10 per 100 words for writers and $3 per 100 words for editors. My guess is that this might be better suited to those looking for freelance writing jobs for beginners. Read more/apply

Canadian Writing Jobs (On-Site Writing Jobs in Canada)

CONTENT WRITER / BLOGGER – MWN Technologies in Mississauga, Ontario, is looking for a content writer and blogger on behalf of a leading Fortune 500 company. Responsibilities include developing engaging content, copy editing, and collaborating with cross-functional team initiatives. You must have at least a college diploma in PR, Marketing, or a related field and be available to work evenings and weekends when needed. Read more/apply

EDITOR – What’s In Publishing & Media Inc. is looking for an editor to edit copy, schedule publishing dates and deadlines, hire staff and negotiate contracts with freelance writers, and more. You must have a Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, or a relevant field, and experience in writing and publishing for print and web. Salary is $59,862.40 per year. This is a full-time job in Burnaby, British Columbia. Read more/apply

CONTENT WRITER & SEO SPECIALIST – Vestra Inet is hiring an experienced content writer and SEO specialist to work at their Concord, Ontario location. The job entails writing and editing content for industrial and commercial clients, including blogs and social media posts, website content, and more. You must have writing and editing experience, as well as SEO and marketing experience to be considered for this Canadian writing job. Read more/apply

Calls for Submissions

PUNCHNEL’S – This general interest web magazine is open to submissions of 400 to 1,200 words on music, fil, television, books, sports, famous and interesting people, and recipes. They also want travel and photo essays, humor, memoir, fiction, poetry, political and social commentary, and more.

*Pay is minimal, so this may be better suited to beginners / new writers looking to build a portfolio and get their work out there.

You can read the full submission guidelines at: http://www.punchnels.com/guidelines/


THE BARK – This is a magazine about life with dogs with over 250,000 readers. They’re open to articles with a journalistic approach; short pieces under 600 words on general tips, how-to, and other topics; essays; and fiction. They pay on publication; rates are negotiated individually and varies based on complexity and length.

You can read the full submission guidelines at: https://thebark.com/content/submission-guidelines


Thanks for visiting Writing Jobs Canada – Not Just for Canadians! 😉

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