Writing Jobs, March 16, 2018

It’s finally Friday! Daylight saving time totally kicked my ass this week so I am looking Cosy-Stock-Photo-Laptop-Bed-The-Stock-Boutique writingjobscanada.caforward to a couple of days of relaxation.

I’ve put together a big list of paid writing opportunities to end the week with. The list includes lots of remote / online writing jobs for writers anywhere and some on-site Canadian writing jobs for my fellow canucks, too. New to writing? I’ve included a couple of freelance writing jobs for beginners that can help you get your portfolio started.

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Happy weekend!

Remote Writing Jobs (Work-from-Home / Online Writing Jobs)

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS – BigThink.com is hiring writers to fill entry-level freelance remote writing jobs. They want writers who can communicate ideas clearly while implementing SEO best practices. You must know how to write SEO-friendly titles. Knowing how to use keyword planning tools is a plus. If you’re looking for freelance writing jobs for beginners, this may be a good start. Read more/apply

FREELANCE WRITERS – The Engine Is Red is hiring freelance writers with agency experience to write content for clients across traditional, online, and social media mediums. You should have 1-4 years of experience with consumer-facing ad copy, long-form branding. The ability to learn a new subject or industry quickly is also a must for one of these freelance writing jobs. Read more/apply

CANADIAN OR U.S. WRITER – A US-based coaching firm is hiring a writer for their relationship management and marketing blog. This is a remote writing job that can be performed from anywhere in Canada or the United States. You must be a native English speaker with experience in content marketing and driving traffic to a website. Read more/apply

FREELANCE COPYWRITER – A small copywriting agency is looking to hire a freelance digital copywriter. This is a remote / work from home writing job for project-based work that varies from week to week. Pay is $20-25 per hour or 10 to 14 cents per word depending on the project. You must have 3+ years of professional writing experience, a portfolio of samples, and excellent communication skills via email and telephone. Read more/apply

SENIOR MEDICAL WRITER – A leading clinical research organization is hiring a remote senior medical writer to prepare eCTDs, DSURs, ASRs, CSRs, informed consent forms and investigators brochures, and train junior medical writers. You must have at least 2 years of experience as a medical writer preparing clinical trial documents and/or reports, and experience in drug development and regulatory compliance in North America. This is a fully remote writing job that pays $65,000 to $95,000 per year. Read more/apply

PERFUME BLOGGER – An unnamed employer is looking to hire a blogger who has experience writing about perfumes/fragrances/scents to write 12 to 15 articles per month. Ideally, you should have experience working in a perfume or cosmetics business and have a strong knowledge of perfumes, and any other related experience to be considered for this blogging job. Read more/apply

ARTICLE WRITERS FOR ADULT PUBLISHING COMPANY – They don’t say it, but based on the info in the posting and the address, this “renowned adult publishing company” appears to be Larry Flynt Publications / Hustler. You must be 18 years of age or over to apply. They are looking for freelance work at home writers to write smart, witty web articles of 500 to 800 words on trending topics in politics, sex, adult entertainment, and more. These are freelance writing jobs for beginners and established writers looking to supplement their income. Read more/apply

FREELANCE WRITER AND EDITOR – Quality Websites is hiring a remote freelance writer and editor to write the content for a restaurant’s website. The restaurant is located in North York, Ontario. The poster mentions that being able to meet up would be a nice option, but not required for this Canadian freelance writing job. You must have 5 years of writing and editing experience and a bachelor’s degree in related field. Read more/apply

FREELANCE QUIZ WRITER – Valnet is looking for an experienced freelance writer to write for TheQuiz.com. This is a work from home freelance writing job for an experienced writer who can write fun quizzes on popular lifestyle and pop culture topics. Excellent writing and editing skills and the ability to write viral content are needed. Read more/apply

Canadian Writing Jobs (On-Site Writing Jobs in Canada)

SENIOR COPYWRITER (HEALTHCARE) – Klick Health is hiring a senior copywriter to develop and writing engaging copy. You must have deep Pharma marketing experience and/or relevant education, 5+ years of experience in the medical writing field, and experience in a client-facing role. This is a full-time Canadian writing job located in Toronto, Ontario. Read more/apply

FREELANCE CONTENT WRITER – The Edge – A Leader’s Magazine, is looking for a creative and engaging writer to contribute to their online and print magazine. This is a remote Canadian freelance writing job that can be done from home that may require occasional meetings at their office in North York, Ontario. You must be able to writer and edit in Canadian English and have experience as a digital writer, editor, or journalist. You must also have SEO experience. Knowledge of economic or financial markets terminology is an asset. Read more/apply

COPYWRITING SPECIALIST – Yellow Pages is hiring a copywriter to work on-site in Burnaby, British Columbia. You will be responsible for researching advertisers and creating content for their digital products. You must be a strong team player with a flair for the English language and flawless grammar and spelling to be considered for this Canadian writing job, along with a minimum of 1 year of professional writing experience and the ability to meet tight deadlines. Read more/apply

SENIOR WRITER – OpenText is hiring a full-time senior writer to work for the office of the Vice Chairman, CEO, CTO, in Waterloo, Ontario. You must have exceptional research, writing, and editing skills and be able to adopt the style and voice of various content types. A minimum of 8 years of writing experience in business or marketing and a degree in a writing-related field are also required. Read more/apply

COPYWRITER – Zulu Alpha Kilo Inc. is hiring an experience copywriter to join their team to create engaging, original copy and balance multiple projects. You must have 8+ years of experience writing for an agency, a strong understanding of pop culture, and a great writing style to be considered for this full time writing job in Toronto, Ontario. Read more/apply

COPYWRITER – Tripwire Media Group is hiring a full-time copywriter to work in-house in Winnipeg, Manitoba. You must be an experienced copywriter who excels in idea development, script writing, copy editing, and creative direction. They’re looking for at least 3-5 years of professional writing experience. You will be required to assist clients in defining and articulating strategic objectives, take part in shoots, and create creative briefs, story boards, and scripts. Read more/apply


Thanks for visiting Writing Jobs Canada – Not just for Canadians! 😉

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