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Two Remote Canadian Writing Jobs

Good morning! I’m short on time today and may not be able to get a full list posted, buttypewriter stock photo writing jobs canada wanted to share these two remote Canadian writing jobs with you since remote freelance writing jobs in Canada are hard to come by.

So, for my fellow Canucks who are hoping to land an online writing job with a company in our beautiful (frozen) nation, here you go! Good luck!

DIGITAL COPYWRITERS – HostPapa in Burlington, Ontario is hiring digital copywriters with experience writing targeted creative copy. These are remote freelance writing jobs for writers with an understanding of digital marketing, including social media and SEO. Strong editing skills and the ability to make changes on short notice are also required. Read more/apply

PERFORMANCE MARKETING WRITER – Quietly Media, Inc. in Vancouver, BC is hiring a writer to produce in-depth content on performance marketing topics, including digital advertising, PPC best practices, and more. This is a remote writing job. You must have an excellent understanding of the digital marketing industry with a focus on performance marketing and paid media spends. You must also be an experienced writer and researcher who is tech-savvy and experienced in working with a style guide. Read more/apply


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Writing Jobs, April 16, 2018

Happy Monday! Here’s a meaty list of writing jobs to help you kick this week off right IMG_20180116_091134_454after this weekend of crazy weather.

A two-day ice storm in April? Really, Mother Nature??? Sheesh.

I’ve got freelance writing jobs for beginners and experienced writers looking for online writing jobs, on-site jobs for my fellow Canadian writers, and a call for submissions from a Canadian magazine.

You can have my list delivered right to your inbox by following via email using the link to your right. If you’ve stumbled across my site looking for a writer(s) to hire, you can also submit a free job ad or get in touch here if it’s me you’d like to work with.

Remote Writing Jobs (Work-from-Home / Online Writing Jobs)

FREELANCE CONTENT WRITERS – Big Leap is looking for freelance content writers to write content for clients. This freelance content writing job entails writing blog posts, articles, eBooks, and other web content. You must be familiar with AP Style and Chicago Manual of Style, SEO, and content marketing. Read more/apply

FREELANCE ENTERTAINMENT WRITERS – Yardbarker is hiring freelance entertainment writers to clear, fun, and informative articles. You must have written for a mainstream publication to be considered for one of these remote writing jobs. Other required qualifications include familiarity with SEO best practices, ability to meet tight deadlines, and strong news judgement and ability to spot and cover significant topics. Read more/apply

SCIENCE WRITERS – Shmoop is hiring Project-Based Curriculum Science Writers to write engaging lessons, including lectures and example problems. These are online writing jobs with the flexibility to work from anywhere. You must have a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field with a GPA of 3.7+ and the ability to express scientific concepts in and engaging way. Read more/apply

FINANCE WRITERS – Shmoop is hiring Project-Based Finance Writers to write educational material, text and video scripts, on economic systems, savings, taxation, money management, and more. Recent graduates, Master’s students (MBA), or PhD students with strong academic performance are welcome to apply; math, finance, or econ majors a plus. These are online writing jobs with the flexibility to work from anywhere. Read more/apply

REMOTE COPYWRITER – Melissa Griffin is hiring a copywriter to create high-converting, on-brand copy, including emails, blog posts, landing and sales pages, social media, and more. This is a remote copywriting position. You must have at least one year of experience as a professional copywriter for an online business; direct response and marketing copy experience, and be familiar with digital copy. Read more/apply

FREELANCE LINKEDIN WRITERS – An unnamed New York-based recruitment advertising agency is hiring LinkedIn Letter Writers for freelance writing jobs from home. They offer recruitment letter writing service to their Fortune 500 clients. To be considered, you will need to send at least one example of an effective LinkedIn InMail you’ve sent that was successful in getting qualified responses or at least a sample of a highly effective email sent to recruit applicants for a job. Read more/apply

FREELANCE TRANSLATORS – Buzzfeed is looking for freelance translators to help with the translation of post and video content in various languages including English, Spanish (European, Mexican, Latin American), Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Korean, Italian, Arabic, and more. These are freelance translation jobs open to freelancers all over the world. Projects will be assigned as needed. Read more/apply

NEWS WRITERS – Romper is hiring remote part-time news writers to cover mostly entertainment and celebrity news, but also topics on parenting and even political news. You should have a degree in journalism or a similar field and at least 2 years of experience in writing, reporting, and/or blogging. You must be available to work during the following EST hours: Monday 1-8PM, Tuesday 2-9PM, and Thursday 2-9PM. Read more/apply

Canadian Writing Jobs (On-Site Jobs for Writers in Canada ONLY)

CONTENT WRITER – REMITR is hiring a creative content writer to work on-site in their office located in Toronto, Ontario. The ideal candidate will have the ability to write about a range of business categories. You must have content writing experience to be considered for this Canadian writing job; financial industry experience is a plus. Read more/apply

PRODUCT COPYWRITER – Saks Fifth Avenue is hiring a full-time copywriter to write, edit and enhance product descriptions for This is an on-site job located in Toronto, Ontario. You must have a Bachelor’s degree in a writing or advertising-related field, experience in copywriting and working in luxury fashion retail or ecommerce. Content management, SEO, and editorial copywriting preferred. Read more/apply

BRAND COPYWRITER – G Adventures is hiring a brand copywriter to join their team in Toronto, Ontario. You must have a bachelor’s degree in a writing or verbal-focused related field and 5 years of demonstrated experience as a brand-building voice strategist on the agency or client side. Read more/apply

COPYWRITER – MEC is hiring a full-time copywriter to work in their office in Vancouver, British Columbia. The writer will write inspired copy for promotional campaigns, member-facing communications, and digital marketing. You must have 2-3 years of experience writing in an agency environment or ecommerce department and considerable experience engaging in the outdoor activities that MEC supports. Read more/apply

JUNIOR/INTERMEDIATE COPYWRITER – Publicis Canada is hiring a junior or intermediate copywriter for a position in Toronto, Ontario. Job will entail writing emails, online banners, social media content, and landing pages. To be considered for this Canadian copywriting job you must have 1+ years of experience writing for an advertising agency or design firm and experience working on retails brands. Read more/apply

Calls for Submissions

OUR TIMES MAGAZINE – Canada’s Independent Labour Magazine. “Working for a Living” is the name of the magazine’s ongoing series of short stories about work, by people from across Canada. They welcome unsolicited submissions of stories of what your job is like. Stories must be 2,000 or less. They’re after creative nonfiction stories from workers in Canada of all kinds that can be funny, sad, serious or all three. Payment is $100 per accepted story.

You can read the full submission guidelines at:


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Writing Jobs, April 12, 2018

Good morning! This week has just flown right past me! I’ve been busy with writing andJD_LifeAndBiz-Nordic_White_Gray_9 putting the finishing touches on PDF that will be available for download here. The PDF contains 199 websites that pay freelance writers. Like this site, it’s an up-to-date; no fuss no muss list with a brief summary and link to legitimate, paying websites. The list includes sites of interest for experienced and beginner freelance writers. There will be a nominal charge to download it to help keep this site going. And when I say nominal, I mean no more than a couple of bucks. We’re freelancers, after all! 😉

Anyway, here’s today’s list of freelance writing jobs and opportunities for my fellow Canadian writers, too. I have also included a call for submissions for essays and poetry.

Good luck!

Remote Writing Jobs (Work-From-Home Online Writing Jobs)

FINANCIAL JOURNALIST – is hiring a financial journalist to provide fast-paced coverage of global markets with 3-5 articles per day of 250 to 500 words each. This is a remote writing job for a native English writer with experience covering business and finance topics and an understanding of Wall Street, Fed policies, commodities, and financial markets. Pay up to $45,000 USD for the right candidate. You can write from home but need to be able to work business hours EST. Read more/apply

MEN’S LIFESTYLE WRITER – The Distilled Man is hiring a freelance writer to write 1-3 articles per month. Each article will be around 1500 words. You must be a native English writer able to write in a conversational tone. You should also have strong research skills and familiarity with SEO and WordPress. Read more/apply

FREELANCE EXPERT TOPIC WRITERS – LoveToKnow is hiring freelance writer to create and update content on a variety of topics. You will be assigned to certain topic areas based on your credentials. These are remote freelance writing jobs and you can work from home. The pay ranges from $25 to $60 per article. You must have 1 year of professional writing experience. Read more/apply

BLOGGERS – CopyPress is looking for remote writers to write interesting and educations blogs on a variety of topics. This is a work from home writing job for bloggers with a strong understanding of how blog content differs from other writing. You must have high-level writing, grammar, and proofreading skills and be detailed and deadline-oriented. Read more/apply

FREELANCE WRITERS – Vivial Media LLC is hiring remote freelance writers. This work from home writing job is ideal for experienced writers who are fluent in spoken and written English with experience writing snappy blog posts and product copy. You will work from home to create 300 word blog posts for clients across various industries. This is a high-volume position and requires an ability to meet tight deadlines. Read more/apply

PRODUCT WRITER – Pinkat Media is hiring an experience write about different products and create buyer guides.  You must have experience writing affiliate content or blogs and strong research skills to be considered for this remote writing job. The pay is $0.05 per word. Read more/apply

FREELANCE ACADEMIC WRITERS – eNotes Educator program is looking for experienced writers to create high-quality Q&A content for their Homework Help section. To be considered for this remote writing job you should be familiar with a wide array of literary works and have experience creating professional prose in an academic setting. Read more/apply

FREELANCE WRITER – Business Insider is hiring a freelance writer to research and write comprehensive buying guides on a range of products. You will be paid $250 to $350 per guide. You must have strong research skills and be able to write with the brand and client in mind. This is a remote freelance writing job. Read more/apply

WRITERS FOR LITERARUY STUDY GUIDES – is hiring experienced writers with a background in literary analysis to write book summaries of approx. 10,000 to 12,000 words. You must have at least BA/BS in a related field, though Masters or PhD is strongly preferred. You must also have extensive experience with academic writing/editing and literary analysis to be considered. These are remote writing jobs from home. Read more/apply

FREELANCE WRITER – is hiring a remote freelance writer to contribute list-based buzz articles on topics that are funny, trendy and feel good. This may be a good opportunity for those looking for freelance writing jobs for beginners who are on top of viral trends and enjoy creating fun, eye-catching content. Read more/apply

Canadian Writing Jobs (Jobs for Writers Located in Canada)

TRENDING NEWS WRITER/EDITOR – StyleDemocracy is hiring a freelance writer based in Ottawa, Ontario who is connected to the Canadian retail community. The writer will be required to develop breaking news stories and create content on trending news stories. The pay is $25 to $50 per hour. You must be able to attend retail events and travel around the city. Read more/apply

SENIOR WRITER – Decentral Inc is hiring for a senior writer to create content ranging from day to day activities of the Founder & CEO, to blog posts about our industry, employment branding and employee profiles, and more. You should have Bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications or a relevant field, proven work experience as a writer or reporter and ideally, knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This writing job is located in Toronto, Ontario. Read more/apply

FRANCOPHONE WRITER – Sanbox – La Boite Films is hiring a native Francophone writer to work freelance leading to part-time in-office. This writing job is located in Toronto, Ontario. You must be bilingual (French + English), with familiarity of both Québécois and Parisian dialects and have strong writing and editing skills, ideally for film, TV, education, or public sector. Read more/apply

SENIOR WRITER – CBC Windsor is hiring a senior writer for their programming team with primary responsibility to their mobile and digital platforms the News Network western programming. This is a full-time position located in Windsor, Ontario that requires various shifts and the ability to work flexible hours, early mornings, and late nights. You must have a university degree or equivalent, a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience including proven ability in the field and knowledge of the broadcasting industry. Read more/apply

Calls for Submissions

SOWING CREEK PRESS – Submissions are open for their anthology: A Second Nature’s Healing book. They recommend reading the first anthology to get a good sense of what they’re looking for. Your story should fit the general theme that nature heals and be a true story from your life. Be sure to check the long list of possible topics, which range from estrangement and starting over to caregiving and physical illness.  Pay is $50 per accepted essay and $25 for poetry. Deadline is June 1, 2018.

You can read the full submission guidelines at:





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Writing Jobs, April 06, 2018

This was a short week but I’ve been so swamped that I’m happy it’s finally the weekend!Cosy-Stock-Photo-Laptop-Bed-The-Stock-Boutique This writer needs a nap!

Today’s list of writing jobs has a bunch of opportunities for freelance writers, including freelance writing jobs for beginners and seasoned writers. For my fellow Canadians, there a couple of especially sweet in-house writing jobs for Global News and the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Good luck! Please let me know if you have any success with a job on my list. It really does make my day when I hear from writers who’ve scored a gig thanks to this little labour of love of mine!

Have a great weekend!

Remote Writing Jobs (Work-From-Home / Online Writing Jobs)

FREELANCE CONTENT WRITER – L2T Media is hiring a freelance content writer to create high-quality blog posts and webpage copy related to the automotive industry. This is a remote writing job that can be done from home. They want a writer with a degree in marketing or a related field, digital content writing skills. Experience in SEO writing and blogging is a plus. Read more/apply

FREELANCE WRITERS – CryptoWorld is looking for freelance writer to write well-researched and detailed content in the crypto space, including guides, articles, and reviews. You must be native/fluent in English, have experience writing in the crypto space, and a good understanding of Bitcoin and Blockchain. Pay for these freelance writing jobs ranges from $40 to $50 per hour. Read more/apply

GOLF CONTENT WRITERS – The Left Rough is looking for content writers with experience playing golf. These are remote content writing jobs for native English speakers. Topics to be covered include basic golf instruction, equipment reviews, and general golf content ranging with a weekly word target between 1500 -3000 words. Read more/apply

COMMERCE WRITERS – Bustle Digital Group is looking for experienced commercewriters with 2+ experience writing commerce or affiliate content. You must also have SEO experience. Sales copy experience is a plus. These are part-time remote writing jobs. You must be available during business hours, 2-4 days per week, Monday to Friday. Read more/apply

BLOG AND CONTENT WRITERS – Titanium Marketing is hiring full-time and part-time writers to write blogs at first and then other content for several websites and clients. These writing positions also entail reaching out to relevant websites to publish the content. Read more/apply

FREELANCE CAR WRITERS – is looking for freelance automotive writers who are love cars and are on top of trends. If know about cars, are reliable and able to contribute regular content, this could be the right job for you. This is a freelance remote writing job. Based on reports from others who have worked for this company, this may be a better choice for those looking for freelance writing jobs for beginners. Read more/apply

CONTENT WRITERS – Rapid Visas is hiring multiple content writers with experience writing on travel, immigration, and global matters. To be considered, you must be native English or fluent with the highest level of English. You must be able to create content that is informative, engaging, and professional. This writing job entails writing short and long form content. Read more/apply

Canadian Writing Jobs (On-Site Writing Jobs in Canada ONLY)

COPYWRITER – Heart and Stroke Foundation Canada is hiring a copywriter to fill a position located in Toronto, Ontario. You must have at least 5 years of proven writing experience for web, print, and video, marketing and advertising copy development, and well-developed interviewing skills. A degree in copywriting, journalism, or communications is also required for this Toronto writing job. Read more/apply

STAFF WRITER – Page One Publishing located in Victoria, British Columbia, is hiring a part-time staff writer to work 30 hours per week. You must have 3 to 5 years of experience in PRINT media writing, basic knowledge of WordPress, and strong fact-checking and editing skills. The pay for this Canadian writing job is $22-$24 per hour. Read more/apply

PART-TIME WRITER – Global BC, the #1 newsroom in Western Canada, is hiring a part-time writer. This writing job is located in Burnaby, British Columbia. This job requires working various shifts. You must have a post-secondary degree or equivalent in broadcast journalism from a recognized institution and a minimum of one years’ experience working in a newsroom. Read more/apply

MARKETING COPYWRITER – CAA Club Group is hiring a creative copywriter to provide creative copy and concept leadership in the development of advertising, including all printed marketing materials, radio scripts, direct mail, and more. You must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in copywriting, a post-secondary education, and familiarity with print assets, a/b testing and direct mail. This copywriting job is located in the Toronto, Ontario area. Read more/apply


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Writing Jobs, April 3, 2018

Hope the Easter Bunny was good to you over the long weekend! Now it’s time to pour Young business woman in cafeyourself a post-weekend-sized cup of coffee and get back to writing with a list of new opportunities.

Today’s list of writing jobs includes online writing jobs for writers who want to work from home. Canadian freelance writers will be pleased to see that the first two jobs listed are remote writing jobs in in Canada. The rest are open to writers anywhere. There are also on-site writing jobs, as always.

You can have my list of writing job leads delivered to your inbox by following via email using the link to your right.

If you’re here because you want to hire a writer, you can submit a free job ad. I’m also happy to share calls for submissions from publications anywhere in the world. Contact me here.

Remote Writing Jobs (Work-From-Home / Online Writing Jobs

CONVERSION COPYWRITER – Anansi Content Solutions is looking for a conversion-oriented copywriter to work remotely and produce websites, landing pages, lead magnets, and mail campaigns. This is a remote copywriting job that offers competitive flat-rate fees per project and is open to applicants in Canada only. Read more/apply

FREELANCE DIGITAL WRITER – Blue Ant Media is hiring a freelance digital writer to research and write engaging content on a variety of topics for various brands. You must have a degree or diploma in journalism or a related field, be digitally savvy, and ideally, experience with Chicago or AP Style. This is a remote freelance writing job; the writer can work from anywhere in Canada. Read more/apply

FREELANCE WRITER – SnackNation, a healthy office snack delivery service, is hiring a writer to create shareable blog content. This is a freelance writing job for a writer who is able to write in a fun tone while also offering the reader practical and actionable advice. You must be able to research and curate content and be available to write at least one 1,000-2,000 word post per week. Read more/apply

FREELANCE WRITER (CELEBRITIES, TRENDS, ENTERTAINMENT) – A freelance writer is needed to contribute list-based articles for women’s site, For this remote freelance writing job you will need to be on top of the latest viral trends and able to write original, eye-catching articles. Writing, SEO, and CMS experience is required. Read more/apply

WRITERS AND RESEARCHERS – Wisecrack is hiring writers and researchers to help expand their scope beyond pop culture into other areas, such as science and technology, through video essays. You must be able to criticize and analyze culture in and elevated and insightful manner while making it entertaining and digestible. These are freelance writing jobs for experienced writers. Read more/apply

CREATIVE WRITERS – VIDA Virtual Dating Services is hiring writers to ghostwrite online dating profiles and icebreaking messages for clients. You must be a humorous creative writer who is able to work unsupervised. These are remote writing jobs with the flexibility to work from home as long as you’re able to meet deadlines. Read more/apply

BOOK REVIEWERS – IndieReader is hiring experienced book reviewers with previous editorial experience and a strong voice and point of view. Reviewers will be credited for their work on the site and paid $30-$35 per 350-400 word review. These are work-from-home writing jobs. Read more/apply

REMOTE DENTAL WRITERS – is hiring experienced writers to fill work-from-home writing jobs covering topics related to oral and dental health. You must be able to research and write articles that demonstrate a deep knowledge of dental and holistic health and be able to cite sources when needed. Read more/apply

Canadian Writing Jobs (On-Site Writing Jobs in Canada)

STAFF WRITER – Twenty-Two Media is hiring a staff writer. This is a full-time writing job located in Toronto, Ontario. The writer will work alongside another staff writer, as well as the editor and project manager to produce 10 print publications yearly, and ongoing digital content across Foodism and Escapism. Read more/apply

PERFORMANCE COPYWRITER – is hiring a performance copywriter to create engaging content to maximize their online visibility and top the search engines. This is a full-time writing job located in Montreal, Quebec. You must have 1-2 years of experience writing SEO copy for the web and experience building audiences, online and offline. Read more/apply

BLOCKCHAIN WRITER – The Vanbex Group is hiring a blockchain writer to work in their Vancouver, British Columbia office. To be considered for this Canadian writing jobm you must have be an experienced prolific writer with a substantial portfolio. Blockchain experience is valued but not required if you have an interest in learning about new technologies and are able to condense highly technical material into easy-to-understand content. Read more/apply

CONTENT WRITER – Magnetar Games is hiring a content writer able to fully embrace the Singularity concept described at Position goals include updating the product plan for Singularity World, whitepaper for blockchain initiative, participation in open source communities from Google, Amazon, Samsung, NASA, and others. This job is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Read more/apply

PROFESSIONAL RESUME WRITERS – Resume Target Inc. is hiring an experienced professional resume writer to work in-house in their office located in downtown Toronto, Ontario. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a writing related field or previous resume writing experience is required, along with the ability to communicate well with clients during consultations. Read more/apply





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Easter and Chocolate and Deadlines – Oh My!

typing bunnyHope you’re all enjoying this long Easter weekend!

I’ve taken an extra-long weekend away from this site to meet some deadlines and enjoy Easter (and chocolate) with family and will be back with a new and meaty list of writing jobs on Tuesday (Apr. 3).

See you then!