Writing Jobs, April 3, 2018

Hope the Easter Bunny was good to you over the long weekend! Now it’s time to pour Young business woman in cafeyourself a post-weekend-sized cup of coffee and get back to writing with a list of new opportunities.

Today’s list of writing jobs includes online writing jobs for writers who want to work from home. Canadian freelance writers will be pleased to see that the first two jobs listed are remote writing jobs in in Canada. The rest are open to writers anywhere. There are also on-site writing jobs, as always.

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Remote Writing Jobs (Work-From-Home / Online Writing Jobs

CONVERSION COPYWRITER – Anansi Content Solutions is looking for a conversion-oriented copywriter to work remotely and produce websites, landing pages, lead magnets, and mail campaigns. This is a remote copywriting job that offers competitive flat-rate fees per project and is open to applicants in Canada only. Read more/apply

FREELANCE DIGITAL WRITER – Blue Ant Media is hiring a freelance digital writer to research and write engaging content on a variety of topics for various brands. You must have a degree or diploma in journalism or a related field, be digitally savvy, and ideally, experience with Chicago or AP Style. This is a remote freelance writing job; the writer can work from anywhere in Canada. Read more/apply

FREELANCE WRITER – SnackNation, a healthy office snack delivery service, is hiring a writer to create shareable blog content. This is a freelance writing job for a writer who is able to write in a fun tone while also offering the reader practical and actionable advice. You must be able to research and curate content and be available to write at least one 1,000-2,000 word post per week. Read more/apply

FREELANCE WRITER (CELEBRITIES, TRENDS, ENTERTAINMENT) – A freelance writer is needed to contribute list-based articles for women’s site, TheTalko.com. For this remote freelance writing job you will need to be on top of the latest viral trends and able to write original, eye-catching articles. Writing, SEO, and CMS experience is required. Read more/apply

WRITERS AND RESEARCHERS – Wisecrack is hiring writers and researchers to help expand their scope beyond pop culture into other areas, such as science and technology, through video essays. You must be able to criticize and analyze culture in and elevated and insightful manner while making it entertaining and digestible. These are freelance writing jobs for experienced writers. Read more/apply

CREATIVE WRITERS – VIDA Virtual Dating Services is hiring writers to ghostwrite online dating profiles and icebreaking messages for clients. You must be a humorous creative writer who is able to work unsupervised. These are remote writing jobs with the flexibility to work from home as long as you’re able to meet deadlines. Read more/apply

BOOK REVIEWERS – IndieReader is hiring experienced book reviewers with previous editorial experience and a strong voice and point of view. Reviewers will be credited for their work on the site and paid $30-$35 per 350-400 word review. These are work-from-home writing jobs. Read more/apply

REMOTE DENTAL WRITERS – AskTheDentist.com is hiring experienced writers to fill work-from-home writing jobs covering topics related to oral and dental health. You must be able to research and write articles that demonstrate a deep knowledge of dental and holistic health and be able to cite sources when needed. Read more/apply

Canadian Writing Jobs (On-Site Writing Jobs in Canada)

STAFF WRITER – Twenty-Two Media is hiring a staff writer. This is a full-time writing job located in Toronto, Ontario. The writer will work alongside another staff writer, as well as the editor and project manager to produce 10 print publications yearly, and ongoing digital content across Foodism and Escapism. Read more/apply

PERFORMANCE COPYWRITER – Bus.com is hiring a performance copywriter to create engaging content to maximize their online visibility and top the search engines. This is a full-time writing job located in Montreal, Quebec. You must have 1-2 years of experience writing SEO copy for the web and experience building audiences, online and offline. Read more/apply

BLOCKCHAIN WRITER – The Vanbex Group is hiring a blockchain writer to work in their Vancouver, British Columbia office. To be considered for this Canadian writing jobm you must have be an experienced prolific writer with a substantial portfolio. Blockchain experience is valued but not required if you have an interest in learning about new technologies and are able to condense highly technical material into easy-to-understand content. Read more/apply

CONTENT WRITER – Magnetar Games is hiring a content writer able to fully embrace the Singularity concept described at magnetargames.com. Position goals include updating the product plan for Singularity World, whitepaper for blockchain initiative, participation in open source communities from Google, Amazon, Samsung, NASA, and others. This job is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Read more/apply

PROFESSIONAL RESUME WRITERS – Resume Target Inc. is hiring an experienced professional resume writer to work in-house in their office located in downtown Toronto, Ontario. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a writing related field or previous resume writing experience is required, along with the ability to communicate well with clients during consultations. Read more/apply





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