Writing Jobs, January 30, 2019

Good morning, writers! I’ve got a crazy day ahead so let’s get right to today’s list of writing job leads. It’s a short but varied list with something for everyone: online freelance writing jobs open to writers anywhere in the world and onsite Canadian writing jobs for my fellow frozen canucks. The online writing jobs […]

Writing Jobs, January 29, 2019

So. Much. Snow. But my only commute is a few short steps in my slippers between the coffeemaker and my desk, so it’s all good. Hope you’re all warm and cozy wherever you are. Pour yourself a cuppa’ something hot and check out today’s writing list. I’ve included online writing jobs for writers anywhere in […]

Writing Jobs, January 28, 2019

It’s Monday, it’s very cold, and we’re getting more snow here. Time for more coffee! But first, here’s today’s list of writing job leads. Online writing jobs open to writers anywhere in the world, onsite Canadian writing jobs, and a call for submissions all on today’s list. Good luck! Online Writing Jobs (Remote / Work-from-Home […]

No More Writer’s Back – Hopefully

Just a quick post for anyone looking for a writing chair that is really comfortable and Serta Essentials Computer Chair, Faux Leather and Mesh, Cream functional, but also not bulky and ugly like so many office chairs. I FINALLY found one on Amazon of all places. It’s by Serta, who I thought only made mattresses. […]

Writing Jobs, January 24, 2019

Pour yourself a coffee and enjoy today’s list of writing job leads. Along with online writing jobs open to writers anywhere, today’s list also includes onsite Canadian writing jobs located across the country. If you are looking to hire a writer or have a call for submission you’d like me to share, send me the […]

Writing Jobs, January 22, 2019

Back as promised with another list of writing job leads. It’s basically the middle of the night here, but getting up at holy-crap-o’clock seems to be the best way to get this list posted before getting on with my writing assignments. (That’s why the donation button in the right sidebar for coffee to fuel these […]