Writing Jobs, January 21, 2019

So, we meet again. Thank you for sticking it out and waiting for me to figure out how tocomputer in the snow istock keep this writing jobs list going with my insane writing schedule.

To make it a little easier to post every day, I’ll be keeping the listing descriptions super-short, but as always will link to the original job posting at the start and end of each description. I’ll make sure each description still contains enough info the give you the gist of the job. Now that we’ve got that out of the way – on to the writing jobs!

Today’s list is a long one with lots of remote writing jobs / freelance writing jobs open to writers anywhere and a few on-site writing opportunities for my fellow writers living in this beautiful—and frozen—nation.

See you back here tomorrow!

Remote Writing Jobs / Freelance Writing Jobs from Home

Entertainment News Writer – Bustle is hiring a part-time, remote writer with a degree in journalism or a related field to cover pop culture, TV, film, and celebrity news. Must have 2 years reporting/writing/blogging experience and be able to work (from home) at least 3 days per week. Read more/apply

Commerce Fashion and Lifestyle Writer – Bustle is looking for an experienced part-time, remote writer to create affiliate content for all their digital properties, including listicles and slideshows. Experience writing about products a must. Read more/apply

Part-Time TV Writers – Romper is hiring multiple remote writers who can write 3-5 articles within a 6-8 hour shift on various TV shows. You must have at least 1-2 writing about TV and entertainment and be available to work at least 3 days a week. Read more/apply

Science Writers – Lab Roots is hiring writers to research and write on current trends in life sciences, clinical diagnostics, tech industry and more. These are flexible, remote writing jobs open to writers with a B.A. or higher in a science-related field. Read more/apply

Pet Writers – Red Cat Media is hiring writers to contribute well-researched, evidence-based articles on pet topics. You should have strong research skills and be able to present scientific information in an entertaining and easy format while also following SEO guidelines. Read more/apply

Freelance Travel Writer – Valent is hiring a travel writer. They’re looking for a regular contributor on top of their social media game to cover all things travel. Based on feedback I’ve received from others, this position is probably best suited to those looking to build their portfolio rather than seasoned writers. Read more/apply

Freelance Pregnancy & Parenting Writer – Freelance writer needed to write list-based articles on parenting and pregnancy topics for BabyGaga.com. This remote freelance writing job is suited to an entry level writer who stays up to date on the latest viral trends and has SEO/SEM, and CMS knowledge. Read more/apply

Freelance NFL and NBA writers – Heavy.com is looking for freelance writers to writer about NFL and NBA personalities. Must be a fast content writer up on the national sports landscape with an emphasis on the NBA and NFL who can write clear, polished copy. Read more/apply

Canadian Writing Jobs (On-Site Jobs for Writers in Canada ONLY)

Content Writer LawDepot.com is hiring a full-time content writer to work closely with the marketing team. This content writing job is located in Edmonton, Alberta. You should have a post-secondary education in law, business, marketing, communications, or other relevant fields. Read more/apply

Creative Writer for Radio – Stingray is hiring a creative writer in Fredericton, NB to write and/or produce commercials, specs and promos, and sponsorship tags for radio. Read more/apply

Senior Copywriter – Mogo Finance Technology Inc is hiring a full-time writer for a 14-month contract. This writing job is located in Vancouver, BC. You must have 5+ years’ writing experience for a consumer brand or brand-oriented agency, digital media experience, and strong portfolio is also required. Read more/apply

Part-time Teachers for Creative Writing and Publishing Courses – Sheridan College has teaching opportunities in creative writing and publishing at their Mississauga, ON campus. To be considered, you must have an MFA in Creative Writing, Master’s degree in English Literature or related field required (PhD preferred) and a minimum of three years of experience teaching at the post-secondary level preferred. Read more/apply

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