Writing Jobs, March 12, 2020

Good morning!

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Before we get to today’s list of freelance writing jobs, I wanted to remind people who are new here to read the START HERE page. I continue to get messages from people here and via my social media accounts asking me to hire them – sometimes even for jobs unrelated to writing. I CANNOT give anyone a job; I share job leads. That’s it. Please take the time to read and understand a job posting before you contact someone – especially a potential employer/client.

Now that I got that off my chest, here’s today’s list of writing jobs. I have some deadlines to tackle today so the list only includes remote freelance writing jobs. Will post the usual mix of online writing jobs and Canadian writing jobs tomorrow.

Happy pitching/apply/writing!

Remote Writing Jobs (Online / Work-from-Home Writing Jobs)

LEGAL MARKETING WRITERS – BluShark Digital is hiring experienced remote writers anywhere to create content for client’s websites, the majority of which are law firms. Preferably you have a JD but a second degree is not required). Must illustrate the ability to produce clean, in-depth, and original content on strict deadlines, while closely following our Style and Tone guidelines. Read more/apply

INVESTMENT MARKETING WRITERS – Purcell Communications is hiring experienced investment marketing writers to create materials for investment managers, including investment commentaries, thought leadership, and promotional web copy and emails. These are fully remote writing jobs open to writers with  significant (3-5 years+) experience producing investment commentaries as well as marketing materials for both retail and institutional investment audiences. Expertise with online marketing (web sites, email campaigns, etc.) is highly preferred. Read more/apply

TRAVEL WRITER – TheTravel.com is hiring a freelance travel writer to contribute list-based articles on all things travel. This is a remote writing job for someone  who can writer about amazing places, awful experiences or tips to get off the beaten track. From the feedback I’ve received from other writers, this company’s pay may be better suited to those looking for freelance writing jobs for beginners / freshers and looking to gain more experience or build a portfolio in the niche. That’s what I’ve been told anyway. Read more/apply

FREELANCE WRITER – Ojo is hiring a freelance writer to generate 10-15 engaging, original articles and blog posts for our website/platform each month. Articles must be 400-500 words. To be considered for this freelance writing gig, you need exceptional writing and communication skills and a strong understanding of the target audience and industry trends. Read more/apply

FREELANCE ANIME WRITERS – CBR.com is hiring a writer to contribute Anime list-based articles for CBR.com. This is an online writing job for a writer with relevant experience in writing and editing, broad knowledge of published anime, and a basic understanding of HTML. Read more/apply

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