My Under Desk Stationary Bike – How do I love thee


I shared this pic (above) on Instagram the other day and am still getting DMs from other writers about my mini bike so I thought I’d share the deets here for anyone interested. 

This inexpensive Amazon purchase has been a game changer for me. Like many writers, I spend a lot of time at my desk. Like too much time. We’re talking as many as 18 hours a day on my ass. No Bueno.

As you probably know, sitting is the new smoking and totally not good for your health. I do try to exercise almost daily, but still, this is A LOT of time on my caboose that often results in stiffness and swollen feet and ankles – until I got my bike thingamabob that is.

Pedaling while I sit at my desk has definitely helped with the stiffness and swelling, making the few dollars I spent on this thing more than worth it. The fact that I’m burning a few calories is a nice bonus.

I chose this one based on reviews and price. It really is as sturdy as the reviews claimed! It was also eligible for one-day shipping with my Prime membership and I’m impatient and wanted it NOW. Also, it’s WAY cheaper and loads more fun than a standing desk.

There are other under-desk bikes and ellipticals that go for a lot more. Whether or not they’re worth the extra bucks I can’t say. All I can tell you is that I’m pretty happy with mine and use it every single day. It’s actually become second nature now and I pedal mindlessly whenever I’m at my desk.

If you think this idea is brilliant – which it totally is, thankyouverymuch – here’s some more info and the link to the model I have, as well as a few others options on Amazon at different price points.

My bike:

TODO Mini Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser with LCD Monitor for Leg and Arm Recovery(White)

writingjobscanada mini bike

Apparently, you can also use it to workout your arms. Who knew??

writingjobscanada mini bike2

Some other options:

Cubii Jr. – Seated Under-Desk Elliptical Trainer – Get Fit While You Sit – Built-in Display Monitor – Whisper-Quiet – Adjustable Resistance – Easy to Assemble


If you’ve got deep pockets, the Cubii Seated Under-Desk Elliptical Trainer looks cool. I got sucked in by their snazzy late-night informercial but the price was like a sucker punch to the throat. If you’ve got the budget, though, this one supposedly tones your tone your abs and core, hip flexors and glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves.

If you’re on a tight budget:

TODO Mini Exercise Bike Foot Pedal Exerciser for Leg and Arm Cycling Workout(Foldable,Silver Grey)

budget under desk bike writingjobscanada

This is a pretty basic option that costs half of what mine and has good reviews. It’s not fancy but will probably do the job it’s supposed to.

Would love to hear if anyone else uses an under desk bike or has any other tricks for staying active as a writer!


*This post contains affiliate links.  Buying any of these products using my links means I make a few pennies which helps keep this free service going*

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