Writing Jobs, November 11, 2020

I’m back! Raise your hands if you missed me! *crickets*

Sorry for being MIA for a few days. As freelancer writers I’m sure you can understand that my paid work has to come before this labour o’ love of mine. Then there was a fall from a ladder…

Anyhoo, on to the writing opportunities! Making up for the time away with a big ol’ list today featuring freelance writing jobs online open to all locations. There are also onsite and remote Canadian writing jobs and a call for submissions.

If you’re here looking to hire a writer, send me the details here.

If you’re a maker or seller of a product a writer or freelancer can’t live without, tell me about here.

If you just want to say hello, send me a holiday card (which I would love, BTW) you can find my contact info here.

See you tomorrow with another list of writing jobs!

Remote Writing Jobs (Online / Work-from-Home Writing Jobs)

FREELANCE WOMEN’S LIFESTYLE WRITERS – The List is hiring freelance writers for features or news. You should have at least 3 years’ experience writing content for print or the web with a focus on celebs, royals, and women’s lifestyle. These are online writing jobs with flexible, stable hours. Read more/apply

COPYWRITER – ePromos is hiring a copywriter to assist with messaging and copy for digital media advertising, sales materials, communications and email. They’re looking for a writer with 5+ years’ experience as a Copywriter, Content Strategist, or similar role and a portfolio that shows strong strategic and conceptual campaign thinking applied across a range of deliverables. This is a remote freelance writing job with flexible, part-time hours. Read more/apply

VIDEO GAME FEATURES WRITERS – SVG video game site is looking for freelance writers to join their feature team covering video games, streaming, esports, and the gaming industry. Ideal candidates have at least 3 years of experience writing content for print or the web with a focus on video games and gamer culture. This position is work-from-home with flexible, stable hours. Location does not matter. Read more/apply

SEASONAL COPYWRITER – Backcountry is hiring a Seasonal Copywriter to create product descriptions and detail technical features for products across a portfolio of specialty retail sites: Backcountry, Competitive Cyclist, and Steep & Cheap. This is a seasonal online writing job for a writer with experience with e-commerce or related industries. Read more/apply

FREELANCE WRITERS – MsMojo, the sister channel to WatchMojo, is looking for freelance script writers to work remotely covering TV, film, fashion, lifestyle, celebrities, and more. You must be an experienced writer able to commit to completing a minimum of one project per week. This is a remote online writing job open to anyone, regardless of location. Read more/apply

GAME GUIDE WRITERS – Pro Game Guides is looking for writers to write guides for many popular games. These remote online writing jobs are open only to writers with professional game guide writing experience who are 18+. Payment is made via PayPal. Read more/apply

PART-TIME PRODUCT CONTENT WRITER – PeopleGrove is hiring a part-time, contract Product Content Writer to copyedit, plan, and create the content to drive life-changing, door opening connections for students at a critical stage of their professional development. This remote online writing job requires a writer with 2+ years’ hands-on online writing experience in content for SaaS products or websites. Read more/apply

Canadian Writing Jobs (Jobs for Writers in Canada ONLY)

CONTENT WRITER – Spare Labs in Vancouver, BC is looking for a storyteller to craft people-focused content and brand messaging.  To be considered for this full-time Canadian writing job you must have experience writing solid copy for other organizations, either in-house, freelance, or through an agency. Read more/apply

CONTENT WRITER (LAW) – Preszler Injury Lawyers in Toronto, ON is hiring a full-time in-house writer with previous legal writing experience and/or a law background as either law clerk, lawyer or paralegal who finds writing more interesting. This Canadian writing job pays $40,000 – $60,000 a year. You must be able to work under strict writing guidelines provided by the Law Society of Ontario and produce 1500-2000 words of content a day. Read more/apply

MARKETING CONTENT WRITER – EyeCarepro is hiring an experienced marketing content writer to create impactful pieces to educate the optometry market and drive lead generation efforts. This is a full-time work from home writing job for a writer with at least 5 years of experience writing marketing content for an optometric company or related optometric field. Read more/apply

Call for Submissions (Upcoming)

Fireside Quarterly. Fireside will be open to submissions for short stories from November 30, 2020 to December 4, 2020.

They welcome previously unpublished work (‘published’ includes work posted on Patreon or on a blog) in English or Spanish from all writers anywhere in the world, and are interested in seeing work from people of color, LGBTQIA people, disabled people, members of religious minorities, and people outside the United States.

They accept short stories up to 3,000 words of any genre. Payment is 12.5 cents per word.

You can read their full submission guidelines at: https://firesidefiction.com/submissions

Thanks for visiting Writing Jobs Canada!

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  1. No crickets. I was gonna (pathway to hell and all) pop you a comment to wake you up accounta I missed you but then noticed you do skip a day now and again. Also remember you are leery of too much attention, or improper attention, or not enough attention, or too much sugar in your coffee. Welcome back.


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