Writing jobs, March 17, 2021

Good morning, writers!

I’m technically on a much-needed break/staycation, but wanted to share some leads.

I’m trying a new format that’s a little less time-consuming in hopes of being able to continue providing a daily list even with my crazy writing schedule. The descriptions are much shorter and all the jobs listed are remote, including Canadian writing gigs.

Feel free to let me know how you like/hate this format with a comment or email.

Happy pitching/writing!

Remote freelance writing jobs (work-from-home/ online writing jobs)

FREELANCE WRITERS – Next Luxury, a men’s lifestyle publication is hiring freelance writers to contribute 1-2 pieces per week.

WELLNESS WRITER – Bustle is hiring a remote part-time writer to cover wellness 3 days per week during business hours, ET.

ITEM WRITERS – Focus EduSolutions is hiring item writers (1099 contractor position) in the biology field for remote writing projects.

HANDICAPPING WRITER – Horse Racing Nation is hiring a writer with horse racing experience to fill a freelance writing job focusing on handicapping.

HR CONTENT WRITER – MindEdge Learning is hiring a freelance writer with HR experience for a fully remote writing job.

FREELANCE SCRIPT WRITERS – Filmless is hiring experienced freelance script writers worldwide.

GREETING CARD WRITERS – Tree-Free Greetings is looking for greeting card writers and artists to submit concepts.

FREELANCE LIFESTYLE HOME BLOGGER – 33social Digital Marketing is looking to fill a couple of freelance writing and blogging jobs with covering luxurious outdoor lifestyle content.

FREELANCE WRITING JOBS FOR BEGINNERS – WeWords is hiring freelance junior writers work remotely writing content based on provided briefs.

FREELANCE WRITERS – Upacifico has remote freelance writing job openings for writers able to contribute various types of copy on a range of financial products and services.

FREELANCE HOME DÉCOR WRITERS – REG Marketing has several freelance writing jobs open for home décor writers to create SEO content for various blogs.

SEO ASSOCIATE EDITOR – Exercise.com is hiring a remote assistant editor to work a minimum of 20hours per week.

FREELANCE CONTENT WRITER – Crypto Maniaks, a cryptocurrency review website in Toronto, is hiring a remote freelance content writer.

FREELANCE GAMING CONTENT WRITER – Gameaddik in Montreal is hiring a freelance content writer to write game descriptions and game-related content.

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