Writing Jobs, March 18, 2021

Oh boy, is it feeling like a two-cup morning here. *yawns*

All of the feedback I’ve received so far on the new format has been positive, so it looks like I’ll be sticking with it. Thanks to all that got in touch and to those who’ve bought me coffee. I appreciate it!

(The link is in the sidebar if you too would like to help keep me and this list going.)

See you here again with more online writing jobs!

Remote Writing Jobs (Work-from-Home / Online Writing Jobs)

DIGITAL CONTENT WRITER – Krazy Coupon Lady is hiring an experienced remote digital content writer to write about shopping smart.

FREELANCE CONTENT WRITER – Hyro is looking for someone to fill a remote freelance writing position creating content for an audience of digital executives and decision-makers.

FREELANCE GAMING WRITERS – TheGamer.com has open (remote) freelance gaming writer jobs.

FREELANCE SEO CONTENT WRITER – NetLocal needs a freelance digital content writer to work remotely creating copy related to medical marijuana, medical esthetic services, men’s health and digital marketing.

FREELANCE COMIC CONTENT WRITERS – CBR.com, a comic books, movie, and gaming site has open freelance writing jobs for comics enthusiasts.

COPYWRITER CONTRACTOR – Kenji ROI is hiring a remote copywriter to write Amazon product listings.

BLOCKCHAIN CONTENT WRITER – HireDigital is looking for a blockchain writer to fill a fully remote writing job for a client.

FREELANCE CONTENT WRITERS – AmpiFire.com is hiring remote content writers for steady work – possibly a good opportunity for those looking for freelance writing jobs for beginners.

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