Writing Jobs, March 23, 2021

Pour that coffee, sit back, and enjoy today’s list of leads with me before the sun comes up.

Every lead on the list is remote and open wordlwide with the exception of two remote Canadian writing jobs which are clearly labeled.

If you’re here looking to hire a writer, submit the job posting here and I’ll share it. If you want to get my list of remote writing job leads delivered right to your inbox, use the link in the sidebar to follow via email.

Got a product that you think a writer or freelancer just can’t live without? Send it along (my mailing address is here) for a review.

Have a happy day!

Remote Writing Jobs (Work-from-Home / Online Writing Jobs)

FREELANCE SOCIAL MEDIA COPYWRITERS – Rampant Social is hiring freelance copywriters to create marketing content for their clients’ social media pages.

LEGAL TECHNICAL WRITER – The Pen Is Mightier Content Creators LLC is looking for a writer with legal experience to fill a remote writing job.

GARDENING WRITERS – MAEK is looking for horticulturists, master gardeners, serious home gardeners, agricultural specialists, homesteaders, and others who have academic or hands-on experience to fill contract writing jobs from home.

FREELANCE COMPUTER/GAMING HARDWARE WRITER – Dot Esports is seeking a gaming hardware freelance writer who can contribute at least 10 articles per month.

FREELANCE WEEKEND NEWS WRITER – The Things is hiring a freelance writer to contribute TV and celebrity news articles.

JUNIOR GEO-NEWS BLOGGER – The Pen Is Mightier Content Creators LLC is looking for a news writer to fill a remote geo-news blogging job.

CONTENT WRITER – Upchain in Toronto is hiring a remote Canada-based content writer for their marketing team.

SENIOR COPYWRITER – Funday, a full-service agency, is hiring a senior copywriter who can work remotely from anywhere in Canada.

FREELANCE WRITER (FANTASY SPORTS/BETTING) – Minute Media is hiring a remote freelance sports writer with experience in fantasy sports and sports betting.

FREELANCE WRITER – Fansided is hiring a remote freelance writer to write about all major sports subjects.

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