Writing Jobs, April 12, 2021

I love Mondays, but this one feels like a shovel in the face. Must be the rain and this bad case of writer’s neck I’ve dealing with. Oh well. Coffee’s on and I get to spend my day writing from the cozy comfort of home so it’s all good. *toothy smile*

Today’s list of online writing job leads is a good one. It includes freelance writing opportunities for medical writers, legal content writers, travel writers, and fashion writers—to name a few.

If you’re here looking to hire a writer, you can submit your free job post here. If you have a writing-related book, app, or other product that could be of use to a freelance writer, feel free to contact me. My mailing address is also available on my contact page for media kits, products to review, and fun snail mail. (I do so love a good greeting card!)

Happy writing!

Remote Writing Jobs (Work-from-Home / Online Writing Jobs)

REMOTE WRITER – Aha! has a remote writing job open to a writer with at least four years of experience writing about business, software development, innovation, and/or leadership topics.

MEDICAL WRITER – A small medical and scientific writing company is looking for a doctorate-level writer with a medical or biomedical degree and above-average writing skills that is looking for a long-term job.

FREELANCE CONTENT WRITERS – Stretch Creative Inc. is hiring remote content writers with at least 2 years’ experience to fill freelance writing gigs creating content for a billion-dollar US fashion brand.

COPYWRITER – Autogrow.co is hiring a remote copywriter with experience writing persuasive (sales or direct response) copy that has generated qualified leads and sales for services and/or products.

FREELANCE SEO WRITERS – Matador Solutions is looking for freelance writers who can commit to 20+hours a week writing legal content and optimizing already written content for SEO purposes.

FREELANCE LEGAL MARKETING WRITERS – Market JD has freelance writing jobs open for writers able to write clean, well-researched law-related web pages and blog posts on a timely basis.

FREELANCE TRAVEL WRITER – Kekali and Co is looking for a freelance writer who is able to create content for various travel related websites, blogs, and other content requests as needed.

CONTENT WRITER – Honest Brand Reviews has a remote content writing job for a candidate who’s passionate about writing and is a creative storyteller.

FREELANCE SEO WRITER – Static Media is looking for a remote freelance SEO writer with at least 2 years’ experience to cover movies, TV, celebrities, royals, food and more.

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