Writing Jobs, April 16, 2021

What a week here! COVID cases are higher here than ever and we’re about to get hit with the tightest restrictions so far according to various news outlets. Not the best news to wake up to, but trying to keep my chin(s) up.

Here’s a list of remote writing jobs to end your week with. It includes online writing jobs for content writers and copywriters, and freelance writing jobs for entertainment writers.

Stay safe, friends!

Remote Writing Jobs (Work-from-Home / Online Writing Jobs)

DIGITAL CONTENT WRITER – Krazy Coupon Lady is hiring a remote Digital Content Writer to create sharp, original, innovative content about shopping smart. 

DIRECT RESPONSE COPYWRITER – Fracture is looking for an experienced direct response copywriter for a remote writing job.

SEO WRITER – Aquent is hiring a remote SEO writer to provide editing and writing support.

AFFILIATE CONTENT WRITER (CANADA) – Brainjolt is hiring a Canada-based content writer for a mid-level freelance writing gig.

ASTROLOGY WRITER – Bustle is hiring an experienced astrology writer who is able to work remotely 12-14 hours per week during EST business hours.

FREELANCE RESOURCE WRITER – Collider is hiring a freelance writer to cover entertainment news.

FREELANCE WRITERS – Ranker has freelance writing jobs open for their spooky/supernatural/fringe entertainment vertical, Graveyard Shift.

FREELANCE WRITERS – Ranker is looking for freelance writers to write for their Weird History vertical.

FULL-TIME REMOTE MARKETING WRITER – Uscreen is hiring an experienced marketing writer to fill a fully remote full-time writing job.

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