And we’re back!

Why hello. It’s been a long time. Too long, really, but I sure am glad you’re still here.

I won’t bore you with all that’s been going on in my life since I abandoned my list because I was just too darn busy with my writing to be able to devote a few hours to this list every morning. I’ll just say that in the last six months we made a big move back to a small town, had a ca-razayyyy medical issue come up that’s still in the process of being diagnosed. (If you’re curious or just nosey and want to Google it, it’s looking like I have SCDS, though I have a few more tests to go before it’s officially confirmed as the cause of my many scary symptoms)Around the same time I also lost my grandmother and my dog (and best writing buddy), Maniche, just before his 16th birthday. It’s been rough.

Anyhooooo, having to cut back on my workload has given this early riser some time to put back into helping my fellow freelance writers with a daily list of remote freelance writing jobs. Like before there will be some writing jobs specifically for Canadian writers posted, but most will be online writing jobs open to all. The list will be up early so you can peruse the latest writing gigs while you sip your morning coffee.

I’m just putting the final touches on the first writing jobs list of 2023 and it will be live shortly. If you don’t already follow along via email, doing so gets you the list delivered fresh to your inbox.

Happy New Year!

– Adrienne

The Freelance Introvert

*This post may contain affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you a thing, but does earn me a few cents to help keep this list going.


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