Writing Jobs – January 3, 2023

Reunited and it feels so good, right??

Pour yourself a cuppa something hot and tasty and enjoy the first list of remote writing jobs for 2023.

Good luck!

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION WRITER – Clap-By-Media is hiring a product description writer. This is a fully remote writing job that also involves some admin.

CONTENT WRITER / BLOG WRITER – Qwary is looking for a content writer/blog writer with SEO familiarity. Prior content writing experience is a plus, so this may be a good one for those looking for freelance writing jobs for beginners.

COPYWRITER – dottob is hiring a full-time remote copywriter that specializes in out-of-the-box copywriting. Fun!

BUYER’S GUIDE WRITERS – Android Police is looking for tech enthusiasts to write buyer’s guides on android devices.

COMMERCE WRITERS  – Android Police is also looking for writers to write about tech gear and related accessories and services.

MARKETING COPYWRITER – Lavin Media is looking for a digital-savvy Marketing Copywriter to develop copy and content for a range of marketing channels and tactics, including blogs, emails, whitepapers, case studies, etc.

CONTENT WRITER – Prince of Travel has an open remote content writing job that will entail writing on travel topics for their website and socials.

SOCIAL MEDIA FEATURE WRITER – Valnet Inc. is looking for a social media enthiusiast with a background in writing to write feature articles for MakeUseOf.com.

TV & MOVIES WRITER – Inverse is seeking a TV & Movies writer with significant experience writing voicy, compelling stories about television and film. This is a part-time remote writing job.

FASHION & BEAUTY COMMERCE WRITER – Bustle Digital Group is seeking a remote part-time Commerce writer focusing on fashion and beauty product roundups.

AFFILIATE SHOPPING WRITER – Bustle Digital Group is hiring a remote part-time Affiliate Shopping Writer to research and write shopping guides and product roundups across a number of BDG’s titles.

SENIOR WRITER – Aha! is hiring a remote writer with at least 7 years of experience writing about business, software development, innovation, and/or leadership topics.

FREELANCE COPYWRITER – Influitive Corporation in Toronto is hiring a freelance copywriter able to tackle multiple projects across various industries and brands. This is a remote freelance copywriting job on a 6-month contract.

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