Writing jobs – January 4, 2023

Good morning! Another meaty list today so get comfy and dig in!

Today’s list is again entirely made up of remote writing jobs, including freelance writing gigs and long-term/full-time writing jobs. I’ve also included a couple of writing jobs for beginners.

See you tomorrow!

Remote Writing Jobs

FREELANCE EDITORS – Static Media’s site SlashGear is looking for freelance editors with at least one year of experience editing content for print or the web with a focus on consumer tech, gadget, and auto content.

EMAIL COPYWRITER – Lucky & Co is hiring a mid-level copywriter to write copy for e-commerce brands’ emails, SMS messages, and on-site popups. This is a write-from-anywhere job working 9am-2pm Pacific.

CONTENT WRITERS – Persona is hiring content writers. These are fully remote writing jobs for beginners or those with experience.

FREELANCE EDITORS – Nicki Swift is hiring freelance editors with at least one year of professional experience editing content for print or the web with a focus on celebrity and entertainment content.

WOMEN’S LIFESTYLE FEATURE WRITER – Glam.com is looking for freelance writers at least one year of experience writing on women’s lifestyle content, including beauty, fashion, wellness, and relationships.

SMART HOME GUIDES WRITER – AndroidPolice.com is hiring a Smart Home Guides writer with tech expertise to help readers fully leverage their Smart Home devices.

FREELANCE SCRIPT WRITERS – Filmess is hiring freelance scriptwriters to write, edit, and review video scripts. These are fully remote freelance writing jobs open to writers with at least 5 years’ experience.

FREELANCE NEWS WRITERS – AndroidPolice.com is hiring remote freelance news contributors to cover relevant and up-to-date informative tech stories.

PART-TIME CONTENT WRITER – ioby is hiring a professional content writer for a remote freelance contract position writing blog content related to grassroots fundraising, organizing, and movement-building.

FOOD AND DINING FEATURES WRITERS – TastingTable.com is hiring freelance writers with at least one year of experience writing content on food, cooking, and dining content similar to Tasting Table.

Writer’s Market – 100th Edition

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