Writing Jobs, February 8, 2023

Good morning! As promised, here’s another list of remote freelance writing gigs to get your day started. We’ve got remote opportunities for travel writers, UX writers, and tech writers, to name a few.

Most of today’s freelance writing gigs are open to writers anywhere in the world, but note there are a couple of jobs specific to writers in the Eastern Time Zone and one exclusively Canadian writing job.

Good luck!


FREELANCE NEWSLETTER WRITER – WestStar Multimedia, Inc. is seeking a tech-savvy freelance writer to write compelling consumer tech news, tips and newsletter content. This is a remote writing job with a commitment of at least 15 hours a week.

FREELANCE EBOOK WRITER – Kim Komando is hiring an experienced freelance eBook writer. This is a remote freelance ghostwriting job. The freelance eBook writer’s responsibility is to produce high-quality written content for Kim Komando’s readers, listeners and Komando Community members who follow Kim’s advice and rely on expert content.

FREELANCE COMMERCE WRITERS (U.S. MOBILE CARRIER) – AndroidPolice.com is looking for freelance writers with a passion for the best tech gear, related services, accessories and add-ons that help people optimize their devices and get more value from their tech purchases. This commerce-focused contributor will write a variety of content types related to U.S. mobile carriers.

UX WRITER/BLOGGER/CONTENT WRITER – Shop Innovator is looking for a UX Copywriter. This is a remote writing job for a writer with 5+ years of writing in English and experience writing website copy and website content for eCommerce brands. You must in live the Eastern time zone (or within 2 hours).

SOCIAL MEDIA COPYWRITER – Phanta is hiring an experienced social media copywriter to help grow the Youtube and social media following of The We Do Hard Things Show, hosted by Mark Drager. This is a part-time remote freelance writing opportunity (EST hours).

GRANT WRITER – Pocketed is hiring an experienced Grant Writer for remote freelance writing work. You must have at least 2+ years of experience writing grants for for-profit businesses.

FREELANCE WRITER (CANADA) – Inside.com is hiring a Canada-based remote freelance writer to research and write news articles and engage with the community. You must have 5-10 years of writing/journalism experience and subject matter expertise in anything related to business, technology, and venture capital.

TRAVEL WRITERS – TheTravel is hiring remote travel writers to contribute daily articles. You must have strong travel knowledge and be able to write at least 5 articles (800 words) per week.

Bob Bly’s Guide to Freelance Writing Success

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