Writing Jobs, February 10, 2023

I got an early start on some edits which meant a late start on today’s list. Sorry! Playing catch-up today to make up for taking yesterday off for an MRI that ended up being cancelled.

Anyhoo, here’s today’s list of remote writing jobs to end your week. I hope you find a writing gig that tickles your fancy.

See you back here Monday with another list of remote writing jobs! Enjoy your weekend!


COPYWRITER – HumanCentric is seeking a copywriter for their e-commerce brand. You will be responsible for writing copy for a variety of platforms including product descriptions, blog articles, website copy, email campaigns, and social media posts. This 100% remote writing job is open to domestic and international candidates.

FREELANCE CANNABIS BLOG WRITERS – Kindling Media is looking for freelance blog writers to create valuable content for their website.

SEO COPYWRITER – Dealer Inspire is hiring a freelance SEO copywriter to create unique content for SEO clients based on strategy goals identified by SEO Specialists. While SEO copywriting experience isn’t required for this role as training is provided, critical thinking and time management are traits that lead to success.

CONTENT WRITER & EDITOR – AskReader is hiring a content writer and editor. If selected for this remote content writing job, you will be responsible for creating and producing high-quality content for their website, blog, and social media channels.

SNAPCHAT HEADLINES COPYWRITER – Jellysmack is hiring a remote copywriter. The ideal candidate is a highly organized go-getter with exceptional social media skills. This person should live and breathe social media and pop-culture. They will assist the Snapchat team with all phases of coordinating various projects including publishing weekly Snapchat shows.

COPYWRITER – Media Shower is looking for a versatile experienced copywriter who can write high-performing headlines across a wide array of companies and industries.

FREELANCE MUSIC FEATURE WRITER – HotNewHipHop.Com is hiring a Freelance Music Feature Writer who is already entrenched in all things Hip-Hop, R&B, pop culture and online media. This work-from-home online writing job requires a minimum of 25 feature articles per month (800-1,000 words each).

BLOG WRITER – Intact Infor is hiring a blog writer to 750-1500 word blogs for their clients, who are mostly in the medical sector. This is a remote blogging job.


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