Writing Jobs, February 16, 2023

Pour that coffee and make it a big one because today’s list is jam-packed!

We’ve got remote writing jobs open to writers anywhere in the world, including jobs for tech writers, sports writers, and health writers, to name a few. I’ve also included a couple of awesome Canadian writing jobs, including remote writing jobs for medical writers in various provinces, and one hybrid writing job in Toronto.

Good luck!

(Here looking to hire a writer? Awesome! You can submit a free job add here.


NHL CONTENT WRITERS – Sportskeeda is looking for NHL (Hockey) Writers for their International Sports team. Qualified candidates should have knowledge of NHL (Hockey) and the required skills to produce quality content for our vast array of viewers.

AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICAL WRITERS – Ardent is looking for (1099) Automotive Technical Writers for short-term contract opportunities. The ideal candidate will have experience creating technical documents and manuals and adept at explaining complex information in a clear and concise manner. This is a remote/work-from-home writing job.

COPYWRITER – Black Dragon Capital LLC is looking for someone with excellent writing and research skills to be their part-time copywriter. In this remote copywriting job, you will write and edit content for a variety of projects (including press releases, blogs, web, mobile, video, and social media).

CONVERSION COPYWRITER – Siren Group is looking for a passionate and experienced Conversion Copywriter with a proven track record of delivering sales and marketing improvements through persuasive copy. This is a full-time, work-from-home writing job.

HEALTH & NUTRITION WRITERS – Eleven Writers are responsible for producing high-quality written content in line with client expectations and guidelines. A successful Remote Writer has highly developed writing & communication skills, knowledge of SEO copywriting, excellent attention to detail, and the ability to work independently or as part of a team.

TECH WRITERS – Eleven Writers is hiring remote tech writers. They primarily produce content in Tech, Business, Finance, and Marketing. Most articles are software/product reviews, comparisons, buying guides (e.g., Best Web Hosting Providers 2022). They also do quite a few how-to and explainer features, among other types. A list of example articles is available here.

F1 CONTENT WRITERS – Sportskeeda is looking for writers who actively follow the exhilarating sport of Formula 1 and can effectively convert their understanding of the sport into meaningful and precise articles for a vast reader base.

FREELANCE MMA WRITER – Sportskeeda is hiring a freelance writer to write MMA new stories. Extensive knowledge of MMA is required for this remote freelance writing job.

FREELANCE TRAVEL WRITERS – todoCanada.com, an online guide for planning a trip to Canada, is looking for freelance writers to submit articles centered on travel and activities.

EXECUTIVE RESUME WRITERS – RT&M Group is hiring resume writers. These are remote writing jobs open to writers with experience in human resources, recruiter or hiring roles and experience writing resumes for senior to executive-level professionals.


MEDICAL WRITERS (DIRECTOR-PROFESSIONAL TRACK) – REMOTE CANADA – Pfizer Canada is hiring Medical Writers (Director-Professional Track) for remote roles across Canada. The person selected for one of these remote writing jobs creates documents pertaining to clinical studies and regulatory interactions, including (but not limited to) protocols, clinical study reports, briefing documents, clinical summaries for marketing applications, and responses to queries from regulatory authorities. Remote roles are available in:

  • Alberta  
  • British Columbia  
  • Manitoba  
  • New Brunswick  
  • Newfoundland and Labrador  
  • Nova Scotia  
  • Ontario  
  • Quebec  

EDITORIAL MANAGER – Ontario Dental Association – We’re looking for a Manager of Editorial and Design Services to join our team. To us, you’re more than just an editor – you’re a key player in fostering meaningful publications for the community of dentists and their teams, the public and other audiences that reflects the power of the ODA brand. This is a hybrid opportunity located in Toronto.


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  1. i have never relaized the amount of writing jobs that are out there to fit a lot of different writing styles, thanks for sharing this i will keep a note of this.


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