Writing Jobs, February 21, 2023

Good morning! I’ve got a short list of remote writing jobs to kick off this short week. Hopefully you find something you like!

Good luck!


FREELANCE SOCIAL MEDIA COPYWRITER – Codeless Interactive is looking for a social media copywriter who has experience writing Twitter threads and LinkedIn. You must be able to provide a relevant sample of your previous work to be considered for this remote copywriting job.

FREELANCE COPYWRITER (AVIATION) – Wordbank is looking for a skilled freelance copywriter with experience in the aviation industry. Projects may include social media posts, email marketing, blogs, and landing pages.

FREELANCE HEALTH EDITOR – Codeless Interactive LLC is is looking for someone with a background in health, well-being, dermatology, or medicine and experience writing and/or editing content for well-known health and wellness companies.

FREELANCE WRITERS (MACHINING & MANUFACTURING) – ContentGrow is seeking freelance writers who have experience writing stories related to the industrial machinery and manufacturing industry, with a specific focus on the US valve industry.

FREELANCE CONTENT WRITER – Mailbird is looking to fill a remote content writing position. The ideal candidate will be responsible for creating high-quality content for various marketing channels, including blogs, emails, website pages, social media posts, and ad copies.

TEHCNICAL WRITER – CyberCoders is looking for a remote technical writer with experience in the telecommunication space.


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