Writing Jobs, February 28, 2023

Mornin’ fellow freelance writers! Just thawing out with a hot cuppa after another snow/ice storm. Hope you’re safe and toasty wherever you are this morning.

Today’s list is beefier than yesterday’s as hoped. We’ve got online writing jobs for pet writers, food writers, academic writers, and more.

Good luck!


FREELANCE WRITER – Responsify is hiring a remote freelance writer for medical billing for small practices.

FREELANCE PET CONTENT WRITER – Pumpkin is looking for a highly skilled and experienced freelance writer. This is a remote content writing job for someone with a background in content journalism, brand journalism, and SEO.

FOOD & GROCERY FEATURE WRITER – Mashed is looking for enthusiastic, hard-working freelance writers with at least one year of experience writing content for print or the web with a focus on food, cooking, and grocery shopping content similar to Mashed. This is a work-from-home online writing job with flexible hours.

CONTENT WRITER PRODUCER (PPC) – ClickGUARD Inc. is hiring a remote content writer to produce PPC-related content for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, TikTok Ads, etc, etc. for their Website, SEO, Freelance Writer (Contract)

FREELANCE WRITERS – Study.com is looking for freelance article writers to create informative articles about standardized tests such as teacher certification exams. These remote online writing jobs let writers work wherever, whenever, and as much or little as they want, all online.

BLOG WRITER – Alcea Surrogacy is looking for a blog writer to create unique and engaging content articles about gestational surrogacy. Someone who can balance surrogacy with the importance of intersectional feminism, accessibility, and transparency.

LEGAL CONTENT WRITER (CONTRACT) – Lexicon Legal Content is looking for a skilled and detail-oriented legal content writer to work on a contract basis. The ideal candidate will be responsible for creating informative, well-researched, and engaging content on various legal topics.

ART HISTORY CONTENT WRITER (CONTRACT) – Study.com is hiring an art history content writer. They’re looking for instructors, course developers, and educational remote copywriters to contribute to our library of engaging online lessons.

SOCIAL SCIENCES CONTENT WRITER (CONTRACT) – Study.com is looking for instructors, course developers, and educational copywriters to contribute to our library of engaging online lessons in psychology, sociology, anthropology, and political science. These are remote online writing jobs open to writers with a Master’s degree.


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