Writing Jobs, March 2, 2023

Good morning! Sorry for not posting yesterday, but it shaping up to be another rough week for me thanks to a change in my symptoms. Long story short: I have jugular bulb dehiscence, which seems to also be called sigmoid sinus dehiscence…I think. The gist is my jugular vein has worn away the boney plate in the sigmoid sinus so not only do I hear my heartbeat and turbulent blood flow in my right ear 24-f*cking-hours-a-day, but the vibration also affects my balance and is causing erratic eye movements. It’s subtle, but enough to make me very dizzy and very nauseous while I’m looking at my computer screen, which is basically my entire job. This has been getting progressively worse for the past 8+ months now. I have a few more tests to make sure there isn’t anything else contributing to my symptoms before deciding on which type of surgery to have. I’m trying to spend as little time on the computer as I can, but still have to work. I’m a freelance writer, after all, and no work means no income.

Anyhow, I’ll do my best to post another list tomorrow. Thanks for your understanding.

Happy writing!


FREELANCE SEO COPYWRITER – Blue Corona is looking for an experienced Freelance SEO Copywriter to build and maintain brand messaging standards across their website and digital properties, optimize existing web content, and publish new website content (landing pages, blog posts, case studies, infographics, etc.).

FREELANCE LEGAL WEB CONTENT WRITER – BluShark Digital is hiring a freelance writer to produce clean, in-depth content in a timely fashion for law firms. This is a remote online writing job working from home on your own schedule.

FREELANCE MEDICAL CONTENT WRITER – BluShark Digital is hiring a freelance writer to produce clean, in-depth content in a timely fashion for medical practices. This is a remote online writing job working from home on your own schedule.

FREELANCE CONTENT WRITERS (OTTAWA) – Faces Magazine is looking for creative and self-motivated content writers to assist with content creation for both print and digital media. They’re looking for writers who are interested in creating unique content about the Ottawa community, personal interest stories, community spotlights, exploration pieces, lifestyle content, and more. *This is a Canadian freelance writing job.

DESTINY 2 FREELANCE WRITER – Twinfinite is recruiting a personable and talented freelance writer with specialist knowledge in Destiny 2. This remote freelance writing job involves writing different post types, including: guides and explainers, SEO/Top 10 lists, traffic-driving features, reviews of new releases, and breaking news. You may also be required to write about other gaming related topics as needed.

JETSKI/PWC FREELANCE WRITERBlue Water Media ApS is looking for a freelance writer for theirPWC/Jet Ski and Boating section, Divein.com. is looking for a Writer to join our team on a freelance basis.Along with writing experience, you need to own a PWC/jetski andbe able to critically assess products you’ll be reviewing on a technical scale.


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