Heads up writers in the parenting space!

Oh joy! Oh rapture! Parenting Sites That Pay Writers is ready for purchase!

Much like this daily list of mine, this downloadable PDF with links is a simple list of writing opportunities. For just $3 you get a list of 20 sites in the parenting space that are currently looking for contributors and pitches. And yes, these are paid writing opportunities.

I am still working on setting up an instant download so you get the file as soon as you click ‘buy’, but in the meantime it’s ready for purchase via PayPal or Stripe. You pay and I will send you the download within a few hours tops.

Rather than making my daily list of remote writing jobs a paid subscription, I decided to create a few of these extras for download and charge just $3 for each. As you know, I put a lot of time into finding freelance writing gigs and posting them everyday. The few dollars earned from these downloads (and the occasional donation I get. thank you!) helps keep this free list, well, free.

So, if you enjoy writing about parenting and related topics, like pregnancy. fertility/infetility, #momlife and #dadlife, and babies and kids, etc., then it’ll be 3 bucks well spent.

Buy Parenting Sites That Pay Writers here or on the sidebar ——->>>>


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