Writing Jobs, March 8, 2023

Pour that coffee and get comfy because today’s list of remote writing opportunities is a beefy one!

We’ve got online writing jobs in various niches, including the tech space, gaming, legal, and cannabis, to name a few.

Also, I am in the process of putting together some paid content in the way of digital downloads with opportunities in specific niches, some of which include parenting, lifestyle, and sports. These will be available for purchase and the funds will go to keeping this daily list of remote writing job leads going. No pressure to buy – I’m not that kinda’ gal! And they’ll be priced less than a cup of Starbucks coffee. 😉

Good luck and see you back here tomorrow with another list of online writing jobs!


NEWS BLOGGER – Mightier Content is hiring a remote news blogger with experience as a journalist and experience in news-style writing or blogging.

FREELANCE STREAMING GUIDES WRITER – Digital Trends Media Group is looking for a creative and experienced freelance writer/editor to research, pitch and write articles. To be considered for this freelance writing job you should have experience writing about the leading streaming services (Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Netflix, etc.)

LEGAL TECHNICAL WRITER – Mightier Content is looking for strong writers with experience in the legal field who have edited copy specifically designed for converting website visitors to clients. This is a flexible, remote online writing job for a writer with technical writing experience.

FREELANCE VIDEO GAMES WRITERS – Prima Games is hiring freelance writers with in-depth knowledge about a wide variety of the most popular single-player and live-service video games and track current news and topics within the gaming industry to write a minimum of 25 posts per month.

FREELANCE AUTO WRITER – The Manual editorial team is seeking freelance writers for the Auto category. These are remote freelance writing jobs open to writers who are be able to work within their tech-centric platforms, possess a willingness to continually learn, adapt to a changing environment as editorial needs change, and step in where help is needed. Prior experience with WordPress is a must.

FREELANCE DEALS WRITER – Digital Trends is looking for a talented Deals Writer. The ideal candidate lives and breathes tech, with a knack for writing both feature and deals content on a range of products and services, including but not limited to headphones, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, televisions, and streaming.

FREELANCE MEN’S GROOMING WRITER – The Manual editorial team is currently seeking a grooming writer. The ideal candidate has 2+ years’ experience as a men’s grooming writer, the ability to meet deadlines without fail, and the desire to dive right into helping craft publishable content in WordPress.

FREELANCE ENTERTAINMENT WRITER – Digital Trends seeks a passionate freelance writer who has experience writing about the entertainment industry. You will be able to pitch and execute a variety of different types of articles that include features, op-eds, lists, and/or reviews, and find and secure relevant images, video clips, trailers, and other media.

REMOTE COPYWRITER – Sundae School is looking for an experienced Copywriter in the Fashion and Cannabis industry. This remote part-time copywriting opportunity involves creating persuasive marketing and promotional content for Sundae School products and services, ranging from product packaging and labels to captions and blog posts, as well as email copy.

FREELANCE WRITER (LEGAL) – Gladiator Law marketing is looking for an experienced content writer. The content will generally fall under two different categories: Practice Area Pages – These are the service pages and are meant as the main drivers of business for clients. Some examples are Car Accidents, Divorce, Bankruptcy, DUI, and Estate Planning.)And Blog Posts – These pieces are more conversational in nature and typically discussing a specific question or situation. Example: What is the means test in bankruptcy? This is a remote writing job.


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