Me and typewriter
Yes, that’s 9-year-old me with my first typewriter.

Hiya! I’m Adrienne – a Canadian freelance writer. As a freelance writer my morning routine is probably a lot like yours: I get up, I make (a big-ass) coffee, and then sit at my computer. After a couple minutes hours of checking emails and mindlessly scrolling through my social media feeds, I get down to the business of looking for writing opportunities.

Chances are most of us are checking a lot of the same sites and as you probably already know, most of them are filled with gigs for U.S. writers or a whack of too-good-to-be-true work from home writing jobs. There are a couple of great websites geared at Canadian writers, but even those have some pretty chintzy job listings. So what’s a Canuck writer to do? This gal decided to create a no fuss, no muss website to list decent paying  writing opportunities for Canadian writers.

The daily list consists of remote writing jobs (usually open to writers anywhere in the world) and in-house writing jobs across Canada for those of you who are physically in the country… and legally eligible to work in Canada.

I hope you find this little labour of love helpful. Please share the site with your writer friends. And if you’re looking for other writers to commiserate with, feel free to get a conversation going with a comment.

– Adrienne


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