In-house Journalist Position – Toronto

In-house Journalist - Social Capital Partners  Social Capital Partners in Toronto, ON, is hiring an In-house Journalist.  Social Capital Partners is looking for a mid-career freelance journalist who can work in-house (with salaried pay and benefits!) to help our small organization craft an impactful narrative from our big, innovative and sometimes off-beat ideas. Working three... Continue Reading →

Writing Jobs, March 21, 2018

Happy Hump Day, writers! I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on a little something I’ve been working on for this site. Can’t wait to share it with you all! In the meantime, here is a short but sweet list of remote writing jobs open to writers anywhere and some on-site opportunities for Canadian writers.... Continue Reading →

Writing Jobs, December 07, 2017

Ready for some new writing opportunities? Pour yourself that cup of coffee and see what today's writing jobs list has to offer in the way of remote writing jobs and on-site gigs. You just never know if your dream job is here! If you'd like my daily list of writing job leads delivered straight to... Continue Reading →

Writing Jobs, November 28, 2017

Good morning! Here is today's list of writing leads, which includes remote (open to all) and freelance writing jobs, as well as a few on-site writing jobs for Canadian writers. If you'd like my daily list delivered fresh to your inbox every morning, just follow via email using the link in the footer. You can also... Continue Reading →

Writing Jobs, November 27, 2017

Oh boy, it is definitely a two (hundred) cup morning around here today! Hope you're feeling a little perkier than I am on this chilly Monday morning. Here are today's writing jobs to help you get your week of writing started. Good luck! Get my writing jobs delivered right to your inbox by following via... Continue Reading →

Writing Jobs, November 2, 2017

It's cold and rainy in my part of the world. Perfect for enjoying a hot cup of coffee and today's writing jobs list before getting started with your day. Want to get my daily writing jobs list delivered right to your inbox as soon as I post it? Follow the blog via email! Link is... Continue Reading →

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